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Xbox Series X Won't Have A Kinect. Here's Why

Microsoft has made a lot of promises for the Xbox Series X. The console will include "Velocity Architecture" that will power features such as quickly resuming multiple paused games. Each Series X will also ship with a new controller that includes a dedicated content-sharing button and haptic feedback triggers — but no rechargeable batteries. However, for all the Xbox Series X's touted features, one element seems to be missing: the Kinect.


Microsoft quite literally pushed the Kinect as the next big innovation in game controllers. The company forced early Xbox One adopters to purchase the Kinect by bundling it in with every Xbox One console, but this tactic didn't last long. Microsoft has since clammed up regarding the Kinect. You have to dive deep into Microsoft's website to find any information on it, and the Xbox Series X section mentions neither hide nor hair of the device. Microsoft has seemingly ghosted the Kinect and has no intention of offering Kinect-centric games on the Xbox Series X. The answer why is as surprising as it is sobering.

Microsoft has abandoned the Kinect

The Xbox Series X will not ship with a Kinect, and it's impossible to buy a Kinect unless you purchase one secondhand from a GameStop or garage sale.

In 2017, Microsoft shut down all Kinect manufacturing. That's basically the sole reason why the Xbox Series X won't have a Kinect: There's no such thing as a new Kinect. And, even if Microsoft hadn't discontinued the Kinect, you probably wouldn't be able to use it anyway, since Microsoft doesn't produce Kinect adaptors anymore, either. That's a one-two punch of an anti-Kinect roadblock.


Moreover, Microsoft hasn't produced any new Kinect games since 2016. Fru was the last game to launch with Kinect functionality, and even though it was well-received, it was too little, too late for Microsoft's failed motion control camera. Since Fru, Microsoft has yet to produce or even announce a single Kinect game, especially for the Xbox Series X.

In an ironic twist, while Microsoft has abandoned the Kinect, some companies and studios continue to use the device. The Kinect won't be compatible with the Xbox Series X, but the device is still vital for the production of user interfaces and interactive art exhibits.