Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins - What We Know So Far

The Gallifreyan Time Lord known as the Doctor has been having adventures across multimedia consistently since 1963, when the BBC introduced the crotchety old man and his TARDIS to British TV audiences in the show Doctor Who. Still, many fans would say the character has never truly been done justice within the video game world, despite turns in games like Lego Dimensions and LittleBigPlanet 3, along with a series of adventure games that were well-received. However, BBC Studios announced at New York Comic-Con 2020 the upcoming release of two new games based on the Doctor's world. These titles will hopefully bring the Doctor to modern gaming platforms in a fun and authentic way.


One of these games, Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins, is set to release on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It's based off one of the newer show's most popular (and creepiest) episodes: "Blink." In case your Whovian knowledge is rusty, that's the episode from the third series (or season) in which the Doctor (played by David Tennant) and his companion Martha (Freema Agyeman) encounter the Weeping Angels for the first time, although the main actors appear only briefly in the episode. Here's what we know about this game so far.

When is the release date of Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins?

According to the game's official website, Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins has a release date of Spring 2021. Unfortunately, it doesn't get more specific than that for now. It's hard to know where the game is at development-wise, since the trailer is very short and doesn't include any gameplay footage.


There's no additional information about this game's release. Of course, if you're the type who cowers behind the sofa in classic Doctor Who style during the legitimately scary episode this game is based on, you may just wish this game never shows up. But if you love being scared — especially by quantum-locked creatures that only hunt you when your eyes are closed — and want to know about the launch as soon as possible, you can always sign up through the website to receive email updates as spring gets closer.

Does Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins have a trailer?

The trailer makes it clear that this game, developed by Malaysia's Kaigan Games and Maze Theory in partnership with BBC Studios, is a "found phone" game, in which the player picks up a lost phone and uses it to find clues and solve puzzles. The entire game takes place within the screen of the phone. The teaser points out that is a psychological horror game: it will clearly be full of jump scares and immersive horror based on Kaigan's previous works, which include Sarah Is Missing and Simulacra. These horror elements could work quite well when combined with Weeping Angels.


Apparently, the player finds this phone in or near a laundrette in East London. The teaser also showcases a place you may know if you've seen "Blink": Wester Drumlins, the old and atmospheric house that's uninhabited — well, except for all the malicious statues that hurl you back in time. Wester Drumlins is a real place: the Fields House in Newport, England. The game's description says that you'll go there to unravel "a sinister series of events" that includes a missing person.

Which platforms will Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins be released on?

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins will be available in the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. This makes sense, since the "found phone" game format seems much more intuitive on an actual phone screen. The game, which will be heavy on adventure, horror, suspense and puzzles, will also launch on the Nintendo Switch, and is going to be available for PCs via Steam.


The other game that was announced at the same time, Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality, is also slated for spring (with voice acting from two different Doctors, to boot). It'll launch on the current consoles and PCs. Edge of Reality is being developed for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but you'll be able to play on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X through backwards compatibility. No matter what platform you wish to play on, you'll be able to find a new Doctor Who game for it.

Who are the characters in Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins?

The only announced character that you may know from the Doctor Who universe is Petronella Osgood, the recurring Doctor Who fangirl and possible Zygon who's voiced by actress Ingrid Oliver. Her voice is heard in the trailer talking to the player. Of course, the predatory Weeping Angels appear to be a large part of the story as well.


The game's description, however, says that other "much-loved and well-known cult characters" from the show will appear, without giving any hints about who those might be. It also says the original story, which has been developed by writers of the TV show, includes a "menacing new nemesis." Someone scarier than the Weeping Angels? Hard to imagine, but okay.

You may realize that someone major is missing, though. It does not appear that the current Doctor will make it into this game, unless the developers are keeping Jodie Whittaker's involvement as a surprise. No previous Doctors have been announced for inclusion, either. Fans may just have to wait until spring to see which characters from the rich history of this 57-year-old show will actually appear.