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Small Details You Missed In The Destiny 2: Beyond Light Trailer

Fans of Destiny 2 can finally rejoice. Though its original Sept. 22 release date was delayed, Destiny 2: Beyond Light is almost upon them. Even better, there's a new story trailer for the expansion to get fans more hyped than ever before. Beyond Light is poised to be Destiny 2's largest and most exciting expansion in quite a while. In the meantime, here are plenty of small details for you to absorb in the latest trailer for Beyond Light.

The trailer begins by establishing the stakes. Players get to see the new big bad, Eramis, in action. Not only that, but the trailer may reveal some interesting things about her. While not entirely obvious at first, it seems that Eramis may have had a more violent past than fans realized. Aside from her less than sunny disposition, it appears as though Eramis only has eyes on one side of her head. Is the injury to the other side of her face a remnant of some long-ago battle? This could go a long way towards explaining her habit of killing everyone who crosses her in this trailer: Eramis seems to take the concept of "an eye for an eye" quite literally.

Destiny 2 players will be excited to finally face Eramis head on. In the mission "Zero Hour," players faced Eramis' soldiers in a fight to protect the Tower's weapons cache. At the end of the mission, players faced off against one of Eramis' captains, Siriks. Though briefly glimpsed in this new trailer, it seems that there are now plenty more soldiers where those came from. Eramis is building herself an army.

Speaking of Eramis' army, it looks like this group has finally got its branding together. During their attack in the "Zero Hour" mission, all of Eramis' faithful soldiers were wearing garb reminiscent of the House of Dusk. Now, Eramis' soldiers have apparently traded in purple for what appear to be darker earth tones, which make them stand out in stark contrast against the frozen plains of Europa.

Eramis appears to recruit her army through fear and shows of excessive force, even turning on those who serve her. In an early shot of the trailer, Eramis can be seen with a Servitor floating directly behind her. Toward the end of the trailer, that same Servitor appears to have been blasted into a million pieces, its parts scattered all over the floor of Eramis' platform. Her new recruits are clearly terrified of her, but curious to try her power out for themselves.

In a shot that shows a group jetting across the icy surface of what appears to be Europa, there is a strange phenomenon that can be spotted in the surrounding area. As the camera zooms in closer, a red light that appears to be either forming under the surface of the ice. This light could also be occurring in the sky and reflected in the ice, but this is unclear. There could be some other explanation for this phenomenon, but it's worth remembering that Bungie has teased Europa's dynamic weather patterns on more than one occasion. Perhaps the environment is even more dangerous than it seems. A storm may be brewing on Europa, in more ways than one.

Finally, one of the last shots of the trailer seems to give players a strategic hint for dealing with Eramis and her followers' freezing Stasis abilities. While it has yet to be confirmed, it certainly appears as though using your character's Super Ability will enable you to break free of being frozen solid. This is sure to be an invaluable asset in the coming battles.

Fittingly enough for an update that takes place on an icy terrain, this latest trailer is just the tip of the iceberg. Destiny 2 has so much more in store for fans in the coming months. During a Destiny 2 livestream a few months back, Bungie teased a new "Content Vault" system that will regularly cycle through content for Destiny 2. This will keep the game fresh and exciting, while also keeping the overall file size of the game in check with each new update.

With so much going on in this new trailer and plenty of mysteries yet to be solved, it's no wonder that Destiny 2 players are already chomping at the bit to dive into Beyond Light. They won't have to wait too long, because Destiny 2: Beyond Light finally releases on Nov. 10, 2020. As if that weren't exciting enough, Destiny 2 fans will also get a next-gen upgrade of the game in December.