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This Among Us Gummy Is Turning Heads

Currently blowing up on Twitch, Among Us is an oddly hilarious multiplayer game in which players must figure out which of the Crewmates aboard their spaceship is the Imposter. By conferring with one another, the Crewmates must figure out which of the other players is the most "sus," or suspect. For its mixture of party game mechanics and genuine suspense, Among Us and its lovable Crewmates have become hugely popular. However, have you ever been playing a game of Among Us and said to yourself, "Man, I'd love to eat one of those guys?" Well, then you're in luck.


YouTuber Whathowwhy (a.k.a. Whathowyy on Reddit) has made a gummy snack that looks exactly like one of the doomed Crewmates in Among Us. In a clip posted to Reddit, Whathowwhy showed off his morbidly yummy creation, biting off the top of it and exposing a very cartoonish bone underneath.

In Among Us, depending on which character you're playing as, character deaths can look wildly different. When playing as an innocent Crewmate, there are a few different death animations that can occur when the Imposter makes their move. These include quick sequences where the Crewmate is shot, stabbed, or impaled by the Imposter.

However, this gummy resembles what happens from the Imposter's perspective when they get their hands on an unsuspecting Crewmate. The Imposter doesn't see any cutscene depicting the Crewmates death. Instead, the attacked Crewmate is seemingly torn in half, with a comically large bone exposed from inside their body. It's not quite as gory as it sounds (for instance, there's no blood), but it is pretty messed up.


Being a little "messed up" is clearly the goal behind Whathowhy making this gummy Crewmate. There's something unsettling about watching someone bite off the top half of this poor little purple guy, leaving only a single delicious inner bone remaining. 

In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Whathowhy explained how he made his Among Us gummy. This time-lapse video shows Whathowhy creating a clay mold from a Crewmate figurine, then pouring silicone over it to create a gelatin mold in the shape of the character. The bone in the center appears to have been made out of melted down caramel candies that were also poured into a mold. Yes, that means that the bone in the middle is probably chewier than the gummy exterior, which seems oddly (and hilariously) appropriate.

Other Among Us fans on Reddit seem to be genuinely impressed by Whathowhy's chewy creation. In fact, one of the top comments gave the deadly dessert a perfectly fitting title: a "Chewmate." Even Whathowhy seemed to be caught off guard by this clever name, responding, "Holycrap [sic] that might be the best name."

Another fan jumped in on the morbid humor, remarking, "Murder never tasted so sweet." This prompted Whathowyy to reveal that the little "Chewmate" was actually made with sour candy. In other words, much like the Imposter in Among Us, this gummy wasn't exactly as it seemed.


Among Us has continued to grow in popularity over the last several months, but in recent weeks has seemingly reached its peak. Not only does the game have a massive player-base, but it has become overwhelmingly popular among streamers. In fact, Among Us was the game that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) chose to play for her first-ever Twitch stream. On Oct. 20, AOC took to Twitch and played Among us for over 3 hours, bringing in more than 600,000 viewers. Not only did the stream offer AOC a chance to chat with fellow gamers in a more entertaining setting, but it also no doubt brought Among Us to an even wider audience than before. With so many people jumping on the Among Us bandwagon, and with spooky season well underway, it's not wonder that fans are starting to see more delicious creations based off of this bonkers little game.

Even before Whathowhy made his own gummy "Chewmate," fans on Reddit had been discussing how much they'd love to have Among Us gummies. Some fans even requested the bone in the middle of the gummies, so Whathowhy's gummy is kind of a dream come true.

In fact, Whathowhy is but one of the many people to create treats inspired by Among Us. Content creators such as Stella Chuu have also made their own sus snacks, like colorful cookies shaped like Crewmates. In fact, Chuu even designed Crewmate cookie cutters, just to make the whole thing more authentic. According to Chuu, she occasionally sells these Among Us-inspired cookie cutters on her Etsy page.


Basically, if you're still wondering how yummy the cute characters in Among Us would be, you finally have options when it comes to finding out for yourself. Just don't be surprised if your fellow Crewmates think that's a bit sus.