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The Game Boy Version Of Tetris You Probably Never Played

Tetris is a classic puzzle game with an interesting history. Beating out Super Mario Land as the Game Boy pack-in title, the handheld port of Tetris was used to market the portable Nintendo console to a larger demographic of consumers. This was a successful move that not only ensured the Game Boy's breakout success, but it also helped make that version of Tetris a smash hit. It's an old game, but it's still causing waves.


With Tetris 99 offering gamers a battle royale twist to the world's most famous puzzler, enthusiasm for the game is at an all-time high. In fact, there's even a Tetris movie in the works

Considering that gamers have enjoyed Tetris on their Nintendo handhelds for over 30 years, you may think there are no surprises left in that small cartridge. Little did you know, however, there's a version for the Game Boy you've probably never played.

Minuet Tetris

Only found in Japan, a very rare edition of Game Boy Tetris exists that contains an alternate musical track. It may be hard to believe, but the Type A music that everyone knows and loves was not in the first run of the game. That track debuted in version 1.1. Out of 35,000,000 units, the first 25,000 contained this lost tune. Version 1.0, known as the "Minuet Version," is difficult to spot, but there are ways to identify it if you're looking for a copy of your own.


According to YouTube channel The Retro Future, there are two distinguishing factors to look out for when on the hunt for this elusive variant. On the label of this version, the tip of the tallest spire touches the center point between the two Ls of "All rights reserved." If that detail doesn't seem obscure enough, the second requires an even sharper eagle eye. The 1.0 version of Game Boy Tetris has a faint number engraving that is not followed by a letter like on later units of the game.

If you're lucky enough to snag a copy of this rare Japan-exclusive variant, you can play Game Boy Tetris with a soundtrack you've never heard before!