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This Genshin Impact Feature Is Sending Fans Into A Rage

Genshin Impact has been a controversial game ever since it was first announced. However, since its release, there's been one aspect of Genshin Impact's gameplay that has truly frustrated even the most forgiving of gamers: Original Resin.


Original Resin is one of the basic components of play in Genshin Impact. Original Resin is an energy resource that becomes invaluable when trying to obtain certain rewards throughout the game. Players are able to summon and battle certain types of bosses without spending Resin, but defeating these bosses won't result in the player earning as many rewards as they normally would if they had spent the required amount of Original Resin. 

For instance, defeating one of the game's Elite Bosses will cause a Leyline Blossom to appear, which can then be opened when the player spends 40 Resin. This then gives the player access to the rewards within the Blossom. With Resin being such a limited resource — one that requires quite a lot of time to recharge — farming certain materials can be incredibly grueling and time consuming.


Rechargable forms of energy are a common mechanic in free-to-start games like Genshin Impact, and they're usually one of the things that fans complain about the most. For instance, waiting for spell energy to recharge is one of the things that killed mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for some critics and fans.

In a recent blog post, miHoYo has addressed several issues that fans have reported during the initial launch of Genshin Impact. The number one item up for discussion is the difficulty in building up enough Resin for even the most menial of daily tasks. Luckily for fans who have stuck it out till now, miHoYo will soon be issuing an update that will not only lower the Resin cost of some missions, but it will allow players to also carry more Resin. 

"In Version 1.1, we have decreased the Original Resin requirement in Battle Pass Weekly Missions from 1,600 to 1,200," said the blog post. "Furthermore, Travelers will be able to store up to a maximum of 160 Original Resin (increased from the current limit of 120)."

Other fixes issues for the game that will arrive in the update include an improved fast-travel system and new control-mapping options. Fans will hopefully be pleased to see that miHoYo has taken so much of their feedback into consideration when developing Genshin Impact's first major update. At least a few gamers have already applauded miHoYo's quick efforts to turn things around in Update 1.1. 


However, not all of Genshin Impact's fans are entirely convinced that this update will fix all of their issues. The biggest hurdle for many of the people complaining about Resin is just how long it takes for Resin to build up in-game. Replying to miHoYo's announcement of the patch, one gamer tweeted, "Increasing resin limit to 160 instead of 120 does nothing if the recharge time is still 8 min per resin." Another fan concurred, saying that they felt that miHoYo had only done "the bare minimum" required to appease players.

These frustrated fans aren't entirely wrong. While miHoYo is clearly making an effort to make Resin a bit more available, raising the cap on Original Resin doesn't necessarily fix the issue at hand. With so many of the game's reward functions relying on spending exorbitant amounts of Resin to begin with, it doesn't seem like much has changed with the incremental increase.

Forbes' Paul Tassi may have put it best, writing, "It does not get at the core of the problem with Resin, a combination of both how much those missions cost in the first place, and perhaps most importantly, how slow Resin recharges, one energy every eight minutes. This change means a 'full' Resin meter will now go from 16 hours to ~21.5 hours."


As Tassi pointed out, a higher Resin cap really only benefits players who log in multiple times a day to use whatever they have built up. Otherwise, there's not much point in playing against bosses or other challenges when you can't afford to unlock the rewards that are dropped. Tassi concluded, "Without an alternation to how much activities cost or how fast energy refills, this cap raise does very little unless you are stepping away from the game for pretty much entire days at a time."

Genshin Impact has had an uphill climb during its development and release, with many people dismissing it as little more than a Breath of the Wild clone. Critical opinion has been kinder to Genshin Impact since it has launched, but there are still plenty of kinks to be ironed out before everyone is happy with the game. It is encouraging to see miHoYo responding so quickly to player feedback. It is very likely that Update 1.1 won't be the last time that the controversial Original Resin system gets tweaked a bit.