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Genshin Impact Adding An Item From Every Fan's Dream

MiHoYo's Genshin Impact has caused a great deal of controversy since it was first announced. At first, it was mostly written off as a Breath of the Wild clone, but reviews of the game have revealed that it does plenty of things to stand on its own. However, while mechanics like Genshin Impact's cooking have been well-received, other aspects have not. Some gamers have had problems with Genshin Impact's fast-travel system, but a new item is being added to the game that may make fast-travel easier than ever before.

In the weeks following Genshin Impact's official launch, miHoYo has been taking fan feedback concerning the game's biggest issues. A recent blog post from miHoYo revealed that a vast majority of these problems were already going to be addressed in the game's first major update. This came as great news to fans, who were concerned that the game would be too much of a grind in its current state. In fact, one of the main issues discussed in this blog post was the game's fast-travel options, so it's very encouraging to see something like this being implemented already.

In the blog post, miHoYo posted an example of player feedback, which read, "Traversing the game world is time-consuming, I want to be able to set my own teleport waypoints for areas that I frequently visit." In response, miHoYo wrote, "We have developed an item that provides this kind of function which will be available for free in a new system. Travelers can look out for this in Version 1.1!"

The reaction to this news has been mixed among fans on social media. This may be due to the fact that the game is still so new. Apparently, there are some people who haven't fully figured out everything that Genshin Impact has to offer. For example, one user reacted to the news with shock, because they did not realize that Genshin Impact actually featured a fast-travel option in the game. According to this player, they had simply been running from place to place, which certainly takes a good bit of time in Genshin Impact's massive open world. There are other players who will probably benefit greatly from the new fast-travel item, like one person who remarked that they keep forgetting that Genshin Impact even has a fast-travel system. 

There may even be a few gamers who are disappointed by the new update. Geek Gamer Inc. tweeted that their favorite thing to do in the game is to find and unlock all of the fast-travel portals around the map in Genshin Impact. If the new fast-travel item replaces this mechanic, some players may be more than a little bummed to have that hunt taken away from them. Some people have even clowned on the fast-travel announcement a bit, like one person who joked that the mysterious item used for travel would be a regular car.

Unlocking fast-travel is pretty simple within Genshin Impact, but it is certainly time-consuming. Fast-travel is accessed through a series of statues scattered across the game's map. These floating statues are called Teleport Waypoints. Whenever you find one, you can interact with and activate it. This not only allows you to travel between Teleport Waypoints, but each one you activate grants you a little bit of XP.

Genshin Impact also features magical structures called the Statues of the Seven. These stone statues have multiple different uses, including the ability to heal up the Traveler and their entire party. Moreover, the Statues of the Seven also serve as fast-travel points. Although there are a few different options for quickly traversing the world of Teyvat, miHoYo has apparently still received negative feedback regarding how fast-travel works, which is why this new special item is being added to Genshin Impact.

It is actually unclear how the new fast-travel item will be implemented in the game. It could be that this item will coexist with the fast-travel points that are already in Genshin Impact. This would allow people to choose their preferred method of fast-travel, making it easier for the folks who don't enjoy unlocking each and every portal. There are still plenty of unanswered questions surrounding this new item. Still, the introduction of some kind of solution certainly seems to be a dream come true for the many fans who were frustrated with the current state of fast-travel.

One of the other biggest issues with Genshin Impact is expected to be improved upon in miHoYo's update. Original Resin is the primary energy source used within the game to activate certain features and redeem rewards. Due to its high cost and slow recharge, Original Resin has turned into a feature that has sent Genshin Impact fans into a rage. In the upcoming update, certain events will no longer cost as much Resin, and players will be able to carry more of the precious resource. There has been a bit of debate over whether or not miHoYo has actually fixed the problems with Resin, but fans have mostly been pleased to see their feedback being addressed so quickly.