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This Could Be The Best Among Us Play Ever

Among Us has become a hugely popular game in recent months, to the point where the developers canceled Among Us 2 in order to focus on building onto the first game. In Among Us, a group of players must carry out different tasks aboard a space station and avoid the wrath of an alien Imposter that has hidden as one of them. In order to accomplish this, players have come up with all kinds of fun strategies. One of the more hilarious Among Us tactics was recently demonstrated by Jack "CouRage" Dunlop, who managed to out Pokimane as the deadly Imposter.


CouRage recently posted a clip to Twitter that shows how he tricked Pokimane into revealing herself. It's hard to deny that CouRage's tactic was actually pretty brilliant. He changed his name in the game to just be the letter "I." After that, he decided to take full advantage of his shortened moniker. While fellow crewmate Lazarbeam stood next to a satellite dish, seemingly performing his regular tasks, CouRage positioned his character to stand behind the dish. On Twitter, CouRage explained simply, "Lazarbeam was my bait."

As you can see in the video, standing behind the dish has the effect of completely masking CouRage's character. Meanwhile, the simple "I" floating above his character is almost impossible to make out against the gray of the satellite dish. If you were playing as the Imposter and trying to eliminate people quickly and efficiently, you would almost certainly not see the "I" on the screen until it was too late. 


With their trap set, CouRage and Lazarbeam simply stood there and waited. CouRage laughed and shouted, "Come on, this has to work. This has to work!"

Eventually, Pokimane's character can be seen emerging from a nearby vent and making its way over to the room where CouRage and Lazarbeam are waiting. Pokimane snuck up on Lazarbeam and made short work of him, splitting his character in half. Poki quickly attempted to run out of the room and back to the vent, but CouRage immediately stepped out from behind the satellite dish and reported the dead body of Lazarbeam. 

CouRage started cackling and Pokimane screamed, knowing that the gig was up. The other players convened for a meeting to discuss the identity of the imposter, but it took CouRage a few moments to stop laughing enough to tell everyone what he had discovered. When he did, he began shouting, "It worked! It's Pokimane, it's Pokimane! She's so mad right now."

"Did you do the strat?" Pokimane asked, referring to the trickery CouRage used to catch her in the act. CouRage confirmed that he did indeed trick her, which led to others in the chat asking the same question and laughing. Pokimane can be seen on camera putting her face in her hand and laughing, seemingly a little bit embarrassed that CouRage was able to catch her with the strategy he used. 


The reactions to CouRage's strategy have been extremely enthusiastic. Twitch streamer Jericho told CouRage that he was a genius. One fan complimented CouRage on his "INSANE strat," while another was impressed by such "an original idea." 

There are actually several different ways to spot an Imposter in Among Us. Aside from keeping an eye on the security cameras, which can leave you open for an attack, one of the easiest methods is to keep an eye on the Task Bar at the top of the screen. If you see someone standing next to a work station for a prolonged period of time, but it looks like the Task Bar isn't progressing at all, there's a good chance that this player might be the Imposter. Another is to hang out if you see two people enter a room together. If only one of them comes out and there's a body inside, then you don't really have to ask a whole lot of questions.

Unfortunately, both of these tactics may end up putting you directly in the line of fire. As silly as CouRage's strategy was in this game, it might be the safest and most clever way to nab the Imposter and toss them out of the airlock, especially since Imposters also have plenty of devious strategies that can help them win.


Among Us fans recently received the crushing news that a level-designing option isn't in the cards for the time being. After seeing a play like CouRage's, the mind reels with the possibilities. One can only imagine the kinds of wacky strategies that Among Us players could dream up if that became a reality.