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The Godfall Launch Trailer Is Turning Heads

Godfall was the first PlayStation 5 game revealed. Since its announcement, several other exciting launch titles have come to light, leading up to a lock on the full PS5 lineup. With all the games coming out on day one, can Godfall keep up with the competition?

Earlier in the year, leaked gameplay footage of Godfall drew criticism from fans. While some users in the original Reddit post were enthusiastic to get a first glimpse at this launch title, many others were unimpressed. The Godfall Twitter account posted a tweet defending the footage, explaining that it was an older build intended for internal purposes. Now, fans can see for themselves a more accurate representation of what's to come.

A new trailer just hit PlayStation's YouTube channel and demonstrates some very impressive gameplay footage. In it, the graphics and combat look way more up to speed, offering a better demonstration of the PS5's capabilities. The trailer shows "brother against brother" adorned in elaborate armor and wielding powerful weaponry. Combat takes place in beautiful settings with dazzling atmospheric effects. It ends with the hero proudly proclaiming "I'm ready." The question is, are the fans ready as well?

It's clear from the comments that the previously dominant skepticism felt among gamers is no longer the prevailing sentiment. One user commented, "This looks way better than expected," demonstrating how far the overall outlook for this game has come. Another said, "Ok now I'm looking forward to this game!" In general, the comments are overwhelmingly positive, with 10,000 likes and counting for the video. Clearly, Godfall is building up the kind of hype it deserves, and now that gamers have a better representation of what to expect, they can all rest assured that this game will measure up with its launch brethren.

The new footage also helps establish the grand scale and intensity of the gameplay, which is important, because Godfall will make use of the DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive trigger integration. Such features are important for creating deep immersion in this combat-heavy game. With this trailer, gamers can really begin to imagine just how exhilarating it will be to feel all of this action as if they were truly there.

The PlayStation 5 will be released on November 12, and along with it, Godfall. While things may not have looked so great for the game before, hype is definitely building just in time for its launch.