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This Call Of Duty Fennec Skin Is Causing An Uproar

Call of Duty: Mobile, a free-to-play game, is offering a new weapon skin called the Mythic Fennec — but fans aren't happy with the way the gun is being distributed in-game.

Fennec — Ascended is the first Mythic item to be added to the game, marking the appearance of a new level of rarity. The submachine customization option was announced as coming soon in a tweet on Nov. 1. The account didn't point out, however, that it would cost players quite a lot to obtain the gun skin.


Because Call of Duty: Mobile is free to play, it often makes more desirable items available through loot crates, which you buy with COD points. And you use real money to get COD points. When the announcement was made, some Twitter users did express the hope that you wouldn't have to get the skin through lucky draws. They were disappointed.

With the Mythic items considered the rarest in the game, they're also the most difficult to get through a lucky loot crate draw. Media reports say that a player's chances of getting a Mythic are 0.08 percent, which means unlucky players might have to spin up to 1,250 times to get one. A single spin costs 30 COD points, although your chances should improve with each spin. Players must pay for a chance to acquire the Fennec through a lucky draw, and then they have to roll again to obtain the qualities that make it Mythic.  Without the upgrades, the weapon functions like a Legendary item, which is the step down from Mythic. The upgrades come in the form of cards, which apparently cannot be used with any other item.


Call of Duty: Mobile has proven a popular addition to the already popular first-person shooter franchise. It was downloaded 148 million times in its first month of release. However, it has a less-than-savory reputation when it comes to its loot box mechanics, and the game was actually banned in China. Fans continue to express anger at not just the gambling that is required to get good items, but also how much higher the prices are than in other Call of Duty games. 

In a Sept. 25 community update posted to Reddit, developers addressed the controversy, saying, "Based on community feedback and player behavior we arrived at an approach that offered maximum choice to users ... We like more choice."