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Small Details You Missed In The Spider-Man: Miles Morales Launch Trailer

The age of the PlayStation 5 is almost upon us, and with it comes a new Spider-Man game. To celebrate, Sony released a launch trailer for Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and just like the previous gameplay trailer, this video hides a few secrets and details that you might miss if you're watching it for the first time or are unfamiliar with the Marvel multiverse.


The first detail comes at the 0:39 mark, when the Prowler comes face-to-mask with Miles. Of course, this isn't our first glimpse at the character, as he was teased (or spoiled) in a Spider-Man variant cover/tweet. However, the important bit here is that unlike the spoiler, the trailer shows off his costume in much greater detail. Unlike other incarnations that focus on form-fitting greens and purples (a common villainous color palette), this game's Prowler outfit is black with blues that look purple in low light, has vaguely cat-shaped shoulder pads, and sports a glowing chest insignia.

Also, the trailer spoiled another feature about the Prowler: He's not a villain. Probably. While the Prowler normally goes for the throat of OG Spider-Man Peter Parker, he is far less willing to kill Miles in the game, mostly because this Prowler is once again Miles' uncle Aaron Davis. And, unlike the Prowler's last outing in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, he will apparently live after learning Miles' superhero identity.


Also, you probably missed the significance of the name Miles murmured at 1:05: "Krieger." Since Krieger was in the presence of Roxxon soldiers, you might think he's in charge of the company. He isn't. Simon Krieger is just the head of R&D there, but more importantly, Spider-Man: Miles Morales marks the first time Krieger ever bumped into a Spider-Man. Krieger is actually an Iron Man villain. Not only did Krieger once impersonate Tony Stark in a bid to ruin Tony's reputation and purchase Stark Industries, but Krieger is also responsible for the deaths of Tony's parents — as part of a bid to purchase the company. Could Krieger's presence imply that audiences will see Insomniac Games' take on Iron Man/Tony Stark, or was Krieger just appropriated to give Roxxon and all its villainy a face? We will just have to wait and see.

If you examine the trailer at 1:08, you might notice the Tinkerer jumping the entire height of a statue and punching Miles into the air. Pretty normal Marvel fare, but if you look closely, you will see that she is wearing a very familiar canister of Nuform. It's the canister from the gameplay trailer, the one Miles accidentally supercharged with his bioelectricity. What could this mean? Probably that the Tinkerer is using it as an energy source to power herself up and beat Miles.


The final detail comes in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment at 1:37. It features the Rhino, a villain who appears near the beginning of the game, but if you pause or slow down the video, you will notice quite a few differences from his initial boss fight. His suit looks darker and more violent, and he sports red lights on his shoulders and calves. And, Rhino's two blue eye lights have been replaced with four evil red eye lights. The implication is that Rhino will probably reappear later in Miles Morales for round two, and since the Roxxon soldiers don red and black outfits, Rhino's probably working with them.

Since this was only a two-minute trailer for a ten-hour game, you can expect more secrets and small details to pop up.