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These Among Us Graphics Are Unreal

Have you ever been playing a game of Among Us with your friends and thought, "Man, this is really fun, but I wish these graphics were unsettlingly realistic?" Well, you're in luck, because YouTuber and game designer Fat Dino has recreated part of the super popular multiplayer game in Unreal Engine 4.


In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Fat Dino takes viewers through the process of designing this stunning take on Among Us. One of Fat Dino's first steps in recreating Among Us was to design his own version of the Crewmates seen in the game. Fat Dino reasoned that the character designs from the original game would look totally out of place within the realistic graphics engine he was using, so he designed them to look a bit more like traditional astronauts.

Due to some time constraints, Fat Dino elected only to rebuild roughly half of the space station called the Skeld. Even so, the parts that made the cut are exceptionally detailed. Fat Dino even included some of the various tasks that can be carried out in the game, including mending frayed cables and swiping key cards. Likewise, the Imposter is able to sabotage some areas of the map, just like in a normal game of Among Us.


Speaking of which, Fat Dino shows viewers a bit of Imposter gameplay, and it looks like a real rush. There's something surprisingly creepy about seeing the game from the Imposter's P.O.V. as it sneaks up on an unsuspecting Crewmate and chows down. However, one of the funniest touches of this remake is that the dead Crewmates still have just one giant exposed bone when they die. This allows Fat Dino's take on Among Us to look more realistic, but still keep some of its more lo-fi, cartoonish elements. The resulting digital corpse bears an eerie resemblance to the Among Us gummies made by YouTuber Whathowwhy.

Fans have responded quite positively to Fat Dino's creation. One YouTube commenter remarked that they'd love for this version of Among Us to be made available for download.

Fat Dino has become the latest person to recreate Among Us in an interesting way. Pro Rocket League player Lethamyr recently announced that he and a group of other gamers and modders are recreating the Skeld inside of Rocket League. With Unreal Engine 5 finally being revealed this year, the mind reels at just how much more intense Among Us fan maps could get.