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Why The Xbox Series X Launch Is Causing An Uproar

Microsoft's Xbox Series X is experiencing a bit of rocky release. The two main factors affecting the console's launch day seem to be greedy scalpers and stock selling out in just mere seconds at numerous retailers. Over in the UK, the scalper issue has really caused quite the uproar among gamers scrambling to obtain the console. According to The Sun, Ebay sellers are listing the Xbox Series X at exorbitant prices ranging from £700 (~$927) to as high as £1,950 (~$2,583), which has garnered comments such as "selfish" and "vile human being" within the product's review sections.


Folks on Twitter have also made their feelings about the Xbox Series X's launch very clear. In response to a launch day video shared by the official Xbox account, several commenters alluded to the difficulty of getting the console. "Complete and utter waste of time," one Twitter used said. "Why launch if you don't have enough to supply the demand. You did not have enough to supply the pre orders and you failed again at supplying the demand at launch. Your company is laughable right now."

Another Twitter user explained their Xbox Series X buying experience in great detail. "Seriously I got on at 8:45 when walmart restocked and put one in my cart at 9 am," they explained. "Had it ready to check out like 30 secs later and they sold out. Everything in every retailer was gone by 9:01. What the f**k guys, do better. Don't tell us to get excited if only a handful get one."


Besides the scalping and low stock issues, the Xbox Series X has elicited some feelings of dissatisfaction due to the lack of true next-gen titles to play. While the console features a launch library jam packed with quality gaming experiences, all of them can be played on last-gen Xbox hardware. The delay of Halo Infinite has seemingly hurt the Xbox Series X launch the most as it was originally set to release alongside the console. Critics that have already reviewed the Series X have brought up the common complaint that the system simply doesn't have any exciting exclusive games to play at launch.

Not every bit of news related to the Xbox Series X is bad, however. The console's capacity to play a wide range of original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One titles has been celebrated by fans. Plus a slew of developers have expressed their excitement in regards to the improvement of open-world projects via Xbox Series X hardware.