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Xbox Breaks Its Silence On The Smoking Series X

Xbox has put out another fire. The Xbox Series X had been out for less than a day when videos began surfacing that seemed to show an alarming issue with the new console. Multiple gamers posted clips of their Series X units with smoke pouring from the top. These videos gave the impression that the Series X was overheating to a ludicrous degree. While early reviews of the Series X had found it to have a major problem with overheating, later hands-on assessments were able to dispel those rumors.


Some fans theorized that the smoking Xbox videos were a prank, with these console owners blowing smoke from a vape pen into the top or back of their gaming system. It seems as though Xbox itself agrees with that theory.

Xbox's official Twitter account tackled the smoking Xbox rumors head-on with a snarky post that read, "We can't believe we have to say this, but please do not blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X." Below this, Xbox retweeted helpful links for "any non-vape related support questions," seemingly closing the book on the mysterious smoky consoles. Xbox's head of marketing, Aaron Greenberg, clearly concurred with this post. Greenberg tweeted, "PSA: Put down the vape and pick up the controller."


Most of the responses to Xbox's post came from fans having fun with the whole situation. One person jokingly asked if dry ice could be blown into the Xbox instead. Another fan quipped that the smoking Xbox consoles were "just saving data to the cloud." A few gamers seemed to enjoy poking fun at the whole debacle, posting pictures of themselves blowing vape smoke right onto their shiny new consoles. Twitch streamer TimTheTatman pretended to apologize for vaping into his own Series X. Other streamers and esports pros responded positively to Xbox's tweet, including Jack "CouRage" Dunlop and Cloakzy.

However, not all of the responses were positive. One fan said that they wouldn't be blowing vapor into the console anytime soon, because they couldn't even get their hands on a Series X on launch day.

Although Xbox has reassured customers that the console won't suddenly turn into a miniature chimney, there are still a few reasons to be concerned when snagging the new console for yourself. During the Series X launch, some fans have discovered their consoles have faulty disc drives, while other Series X owners have met a major roadblock that keeps them from logging into Xbox Live.