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Destiny 2 Players Are Furious Over Beyond Light

A lot of excitement and anticipation surrounded the launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Now, it's looking like all that energy has shifted into frustration and disappointment. If you were looking forward to a complete slate of fresh loot in this new expansion, you're likely to join the throngs of fans who are upset with Beyond Light.


This new installment in the franchise has reportedly short-changed gamers on new loot. While many fans were going into Beyond Light expecting a complete refresher, they received nothing more than a few new Legendary weapons, armor pieces, and Exotics. Any other encounters result in loot from the previous campaign, Season of Arrivals. To make matters worse, players are still picking up loot with Season of Dawn power caps, limiting its usefulness even further.

Users on Reddit are speaking up against Bungie. One user articulated their frustration, stating "this expansion was more than $60 where I'm at, and I expected more for the core areas of the game – such as loot – for that price." The same user also reminded others in the thread that Destiny 2: Beyond Light was delayed, which makes this pill even harder to swallow. Just imagine how much it would hurt for anyone who spent the extra cash on the collector's edition.


Another user in that thread pointed out that "in D1 there was a new weapon of every single type for each vendor every expansion... I don't know why it's okay that isn't the standard anymore." When looking back at the first Destiny, a lack of new loot can certainly feel like a step backward.

Things have not been going too well for Bungie with regard to the new season. This hotly anticipated launch was marred by downed servers. Not a great way to kick off a brand-new installment, but that's not all. Bungie reduced Bright Dust rewards from weekly bounties and moved more Bright Dust to the game's season pass, which caused a bit of an uproar.

What does all this mean for the future of Destiny 2: Beyond Light? The franchise has had a bit of a history with highs and lows, so this will likely wind up being another footnote in an overall tumultuous timeline. Will Bungie listen to the fans and try to rectify the situation? The company certainly seems to value input, and expressed its intent to listen to its audience regarding the issue with Bright Dust.

Until then, fans will have to make do with whatever loot is available to them. Destiny 2: Beyond Light launched alongside the Xbox Series X|S, so there's still plenty of time to unpack more goodness from the game.