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These Are The Hardest Bosses In Demon's Souls

The too often forgotten precursor to the stellar Dark Souls series, Demon's Souls, has received the remake it has deserved for years and arrived exclusively on the PlayStation 5 as a launch title. The original Demon's Souls laid the groundwork for the Souls-like genre. Now it's back with a release produced by Bluepoint Games, the same team behind the excellent Shadow of the Colossus remake.


Demon's Souls was defined by its intense difficulty and unforgiving save the structure, capped off with punishing boss battles that required precision and patience. While Dark Souls and its sequels made the Souls-like genre famous, Demon's Souls was full of important innovations. For instance, players could summon other active gamers to join them to take on bosses in a temporary co-op, a unique feature in 2009. However, the game also used this mechanic against players when facing The Old Monk, who was controlled by another live person

If you're looking forward to revisiting Demon's Souls or trying it for the first time, steel yourself for some legendary encounters. Here are the hardest bosses you can expect to face in Demon's Souls.



In most Souls-like games, the difficulty of various bosses is a topic of much discussion. In Demon's Souls, however, there is an undisputed champion: Flamelurker.

Flamelurker is just strong. He's unstoppably fast and will immediately punish any missteps made by the player. As his name implies, Flamelurker's attacks deal flame damage, so try and find fire-resistant armor and make sure you're bringing a powerful weapon to this encounter.


The other challenging thing about Flamelurker is that you have to face him head-on. Think of it like a boxing match – stay in front of him, but keep moving. If you can't keep him in front of you, Flamelurker will trap you against a wall, where he can use his extreme speed to corner you and end the fight quickly.

Ultimately, you will most have to accept the inevitability that Flamelurker will get the best of you at least once, or twice, or ten times before things go your way and you can land a killing blow. If you can summon help, make sure you do so. It may be your only chance.


There are a lot of good candidates for the second most challenging boss in Demon's Souls, including the unpredictable Old Monk, the level draining False King Allant, and the massive Tower Knight. All of these bosses put up tough fights and require real skill to defeat.


However, one of the toughest difficulty jumps in the game comes when you face the Maneaters. The Maneaters fight starts simple, having you face off against a single gargoyle. After your first opponent takes some damage, things get a lot more confusing when a second gargoyle appears. 

All of a sudden, you find yourself in between two powerful, boss-level opponents, both capable of taking to the skies at a moment's notice. Meanwhile, you teeter over an abyss on a narrow walkway. Either one can swoop out of the corner of the screen to knock you off that walkway and into oblivion. If you can find some fire weapons, grab those. Otherwise, you might just have to depend on more than a little luck to defeat the Maneaters.