Keegan McGuire

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Seattle, WA
University Of Washington
Star Wars, The Tina Fey/Amy Poehler Extended Universe, Films Made From 1986 To 1997
  • Keegan has spent over a decade uncovering the most exciting entertainment trends on the internet, from chillwave to "The Rehearsal."
  • Keegan has covered a wide variety of breaking news events for Looper as both a writer and an editor, reporting on high-profile announcements from the MCU, "Yellowstone," "Star Wars," and everything in between.
  • A lifelong passion for shared experiences has led Keegan to develop a deep appreciation for the cultural impact of film and television – a topic he explores in all of his contributions to Looper.


Keegan McGuire joined Looper in 2020 as a writer and editor. With a professional background that includes everything from writing ebooks and travel guides to editing album reviews and hosting interviews, Keegan brings a passion for quality content curated by a lifetime of pop culture consumption. As a film enthusiast, Keegan appreciates the intricacy of a Studio Ghibli project just as much as the grandeur of a Hollywood classic. However, as a television devotee, Keegan can just as easily find the virtues in quirky episodes of "Community" while appreciating the impact of important series such as "The Wire."


Keegan attended the University of Washington, where he earned a B.A. in English before acquiring an array of professional writing certifications from the same institution.

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