Keegan McGuire

Seattle ,WA
University Of Washington
Industry News, Gaming History, Streaming Culture, Battle Royale/Roguelikes
  • As a lifelong gamer with knowledge of the dynamics of the gaming industry that spans two decades, Keegan places current gaming news in a broader historical context to educate the reader and find the true significance of any story.
  • Keeping tabs on current trends, such as eSports and streaming culture, helps him identify relevant stories for a variety of audiences quickly.
  • Keegan is an experienced content writer with over half a decade of experience writing for a wide variety of platforms. He brings those skills to bear creating well-crafted and engaging content for SVG's readers in a timely manner.


Keegan is a Pacific Northwest-native whose interest in writing and video games came together at an early age. Gaming was one of his first true passions, and he developed the skills to read and write critically by reading (and rereading) issues of PC Gamer and Computer Gaming World. His professional life has revolved around content writing, and while it wasn't always focused on gaming, he is happy that his first two interests are once again combined in his work for SVG.


Keegan earned his B.A. in English from the University of Washington. After completing that education, he returned to the University of Washington for three years to receive professional certifications in Nonfiction Writing, Fiction Writing, and Editing, giving him a wide range of skills to professionally approach any writing challenge.
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