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The Truth About PewDiePie's Retirement

Retiring at the age of 31 might seem unheard of, especially for one of YouTube's most popular gaming creators, PewDiePie. The Swedish YouTuber has been producing content for the channel for over a decade, and remains one of the most successful creators on the site with over 107 million subscribers.

Yet even wealth and fame has its downside, and earlier this year it seemed that the crown PewDiePie had borne for so long had taken its toll. Back in January, PewDiePie took a month-long break from the platform to recharge, a change from his normal daily video uploads. He soon continued his regular schedule, posting a new video every day when he returned to YouTube in February, and it seemed for a while that he was back to his usual self.

However, as time went on it became apparent that PewDiePie was focused on taking more time for himself, switching from posting every day to uploading a few days a week. In a video posted in June, PewDiePie spoke about how his break in January helped to put things into perspective. "It was good for my mental health, I think." he said. "I feel like my fear is that, even if I enjoy myself, I don't want my whole life to pass by doing the same thing, if that makes sense."

Questions soon began to swirl about the future of PewDiePie's YouTube career, namely whether or not he would decide to call it a day. In a recent video Q&A, PewDiePie was asked whether he would keep making videos on YouTube after he retired. PewDiePie's reply: "I've already retired, I decided a couple months ago. I'm doing YouTube in a more low pace." This statement, however, contradicts the fact that PewDiePie has continued to regularly upload and create content for the site.

Perhaps what PewDiePie was trying to say, in his own stoic way, was that he's decided to work for himself now, since he no longer is in need of the revenue from making videos. "I enjoyed uploading every single day and working every single day, because I was enjoying YouTube so much," PewDiePie admitted in the video. "But I realized it's just not a healthy way to live."

PewDiePie has made a number of lifestyle changes beyond taking time off for himself. The YouTuber claims to have adopted a minimalist lifestyle following a robbery earlier this year and he has also made a stunning physical transformation. Although he is no longer focusing 100% of his time on YouTube, it doesn't look like he's planning on leaving the platform for good anytime soon.