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Things Aren't Looking Good For Destiny 2's Competitive PvP Mode

Developer Bungie has temporarily cancelled the Trials of Osiris game mode in Destiny 2, which was expected to be available this weekend as usual. Trials of Osiris, an elimination-style game mode offering competitive PvP play and nice rewards for the winners, generally takes place between Fridays and Tuesdays of each week. 

The Bungie Help Twitter account posted, "Due to a recently discovered issue, Trials of Osiris will not be available until the weekend of November 27, 2020." A senior community manager at Bungie added, "Hate to see it, but this was necessary. A bug was identified that would negatively impact the competitive experience."

This cancellation follows the launch of the Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion pack and may be related to that release. While Bungie has not specifically given out information about what the problem is, some are speculating that it might refer to a glitch that allows players to use the brand-new Winter's Wrath Super indefinitely if you're using the Warlock Shadebinder subclass. This currently overpowered weapon makes it possible to summon a Stasis staff that freezes targets instantly and then shatters them when the staff's crystal is detonated. Such a glitch could definitely "negatively impact" PvP games.

The Destiny 2 expansion has also made some planned changes to the Trials of Osiris mode — specifically, it has re-added Adept weapons. These revamped versions of Trials weapons can only be obtained if you make a flawless run and open the chest at the lighthouse. A statement from the development team said, "Beginning in Beyond Light, all existing Trials weapons have Adept versions. Our intent is for all new Trials weapons to have an Adept version in the future, with their infusion caps matching the Season they were introduced in. For our first round of Adepts, their infusion caps will be set to that of Season of the Worthy. Additionally, we will be introducing Adept weapon mods into the sandbox in Beyond Light, which can only be applied to Adept weaponry."

However, some things haven't been going well with Destiny 2's new content release overall. Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Destiny 2's 12th season, Season of the Hunt, dropped on November 10 in a launch marred by server problems. Both were expected to offer narrative additions, along with new gear, activities, and rewards, but so far, fans have not been happy with the amount of stuff they're getting. Still, it's not surprising that there might be issues with the game after enhancements are made, especially with Destiny 2's spotty history. Hopefully the problems will be fixed soon, and Trials of Osiris will resume on time over Thanksgiving weekend.