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New Demon's Souls Door Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

Games in the "Soulsborne" genre thrive on obfuscation. Many item descriptions are intentionally vague, and you need a guide to explain the shrouded mythology and lore. Before devoted audiences prodded the depths of Dark Souls and Bloodborne for every secret imaginable — and even dug up a few bosses that were never released — they did the same with the equally-veiled Demon's Souls. Normally, this would mean the game's PS5 remake would have been wrung dry of its secrets long before release, but that's exactly what Bluepoint Games wants you to think.


For the most part, the PS5 version of Demon's Souls is a straight-up remake. The game features a few differences from the original, but these mostly deal with balance and bug fixes. However, some gamers found a new secret squirreled away in the twisting alleyways of World 1-3. Twitter user Vaati and Reddit user OrganizedBonfire have discovered an illusory wall that wasn't there in the original game, hidden behind some boxes. And, just beyond the new illusory wall sits a new door. Anyone who interacts with the door receives the message "It appears to be locked." This mysterious new door has longtime Demon's Souls fans baffled.

Normally, since the door blocks your path, what lies beyond would be a mystery, but the team at Bluepoint Games was thoughtful enough to insert a camera mode into the Demon's Souls remake. Reddit user Cosmic-Vagabond utilized the feature to no-clip the camera through the door and into a terrace that hides an item. What the item is and how to access it, however, are part of the same puzzle.


The Demon's Souls community has gathered this discovery to start an internet-wide scavenger hunt, and commenters have tried every trick in the book save hacking to open the door. No matter what anyone does or which piece of game logic they abuse, however, the door remains firmly shut.

While this vexing door has blocked player progression more readily than the games' most challenging bosses, it should come as no surprise to Bluepoint title veterans. After all, when the studio remade Shadow of the Colossus, Bluepoint also scattered 79 coins throughout the refurbished game world, and collecting them all earned players a new sword.

With any luck, someone will find a way around — or through — the door soon. Although, for all we know, the door and its barricaded item are nothing more than a cruel prank. This wouldn't be the first time the franchise pulled that sort of stunt on gamers.