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PlayStation Releases Bizarre PSA

For some audiences, gaming isn't just a form of entertainment, a means to blow off steam after a hard day's work, or a way to research game design to help fuel their own creative desires. For many people, gaming is a way of life, and it's a great way to connect with loved ones and share mutual interests. The family that slays together, stays together. Some gamers have also figured out they can use a love of gaming to help tie the knot, which has resulted in an unusual PSA.

Recently, the PlayStation UK Twitter account gave audiences a friendly, if strange, reminder that gamers cannot marry a PlayStation 5. In the past, people have married inanimate objects — as well as video game characters and holographic pop idols — so you might wonder why the account posted this semi-common knowledge PSA. 

Is anyone truly marrying their consoles? Of course not. The channel is just having a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun while celebrating those who are using the console as part of their marriage proposals, like Reddit user Zachavelii, whose engagement image was included in PlayStation UK's post. Besides, if anyone did try to marry a PS5, the union would only last six or seven years tops before they're divorced and replaced with a younger, more powerful PlayStation 6.

For many gamers, the PS5 takes gaming to the next level, thanks to features such as fast load times and haptic feedback, and some audiences believe such a product is the perfect way to symbolize taking relationships to the next level as well. So, why not use freshly-bought consoles to propose to their significant others? Reddit user benvegan, for instance, snuck a fake game into his library of new PS5 purchases that promised happiness, fun, and cats if his girlfriend said yes. Meanwhile, another Reddit user, Rican2153, went the simple route and presented a ring alongside a PS5. According to these and other marriage hopefuls, the console proposal tactics have resulted in a 100% success rate. Either this means they have truly found the loves of their lives who would have said yes regardless of a PS5, or they bought special, limited edition consoles built by Cupid himself.

However, if these PlayStation 5 proposals have given you any ideas, scalper-fueled scarcity may have you not wanting to hinge your hitching hopes on purchasing the console. If you can get your hands on a PS5 (or even an Xbox Series X or Series S) and want to wed someone who is as big a gaming fan as you, by all means, work the console into your marriage proposal. And don't forget to post the results on Reddit.