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The Real Truth About PS5 Loading Times

Critics have recently been able to go hands-on with the PS5, and the reviews have been positive. One of the most interesting details to come out of these reviews has been just how quickly games are able to load on the new console. The truth is that the results may vary, depending on whether or not the game was originally optimized for the PS5.


Luckily for fans, loading times have been one aspect that critics have been paying very close attention to. Kotaku's Ian Walker tested the PS5's load times by trying out a variety of different games, and was overall pleased with the results. For instance, when booting up the PS5 version of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Walker reported that he was able to go from the main PS5 menu to gameplay in roughly 20 seconds. Further tests with Miles Morales yielded similar results, with the most consistent load time being around 15 seconds. 

Walker repeated this test with another PS5 game that is currently getting solid reviews: Bugsnax. According to Walker, the PS5 version of Bugsnax loaded up in a shorter amount of time than Spider-Man: Miles Morales did, clocking in at right around 13 seconds.


However, Walker seems to have discovered an interesting limitation when it comes to the PS5's load times. While games designed specifically to run on the PS5 seem to have exceptionally fast load times, backwards compatible titles seem to take slightly longer on the new hardware. For instance, Red Dead Redemption 2 took approximately 80 seconds to load on the PS5, while Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice took about 40 seconds.

While older games are taking a bit longer to load on the new console, the load times experienced are still far faster than those seen on the PS4. Tom's Guide also tested out various PS4 titles on the PlayStation 5 and discovered similar results. One of the most impressive examples was Star Wars: Battlefront 2, which took 33 seconds to start up on the PS5 and over a minute to start up on the PS4 (2013 model).

Tom's Guide was pleased by these findings, concluding, "The PS5's comprehensive backwards compatibility is one of its best features," and that fans are going to be well-served by the speed of the improved load times.

Fans will be able to check out these impressive load times for themselves when the PS5 launches on Nov. 12 — that is, if you are actually able to get one.