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This Destiny 2: Beyond Light Subclass Already Got Nerfed

Bungie's Destiny 2: Beyond Light hasn't been off to the hottest of starts. The game's avid community has lobbied many furious complaints against the game for various reasons: players getting a less substantial offering of new loot, troubled servers, and changes made to the game's Bright Dust rewards system have all contributed to this dissatisfaction.


Another issue that fans have had with Destiny 2's latest expansion is the overpowered state of the Shadebinder Warlock subclass. Since launch, players have discovered a glitch that allows that particular subclass to pull off infinite supers. A YouTube user by the name of Cheese Forever posted footage of the glitch, which can be activated by players alternating between their light and heavy attacks in unison with their Guardian's animation cues. Mastering that bug allows Shadebinder Warlock Guardians to spam their supers, unleashing one absurdly powerful move after another.

Luckily, Bungie has taken note of that recurring issue and released its Hotfix update to remedy it. In a new blog post, Bungie acknowledged the problem and detailed Destiny 2: Beyond Light's next round of incoming updates. "We have seen a lot of feedback on Stasis since Beyond Light launched last week," the blog post noted. "We've heard it's a ton of fun to use, but certain aspects of this new subclass can be frustrating to go up against (looking at you, Shadebinder Warlocks)."


Bungie's extensive blog post delved into a number of changes that. Some of the changes being implemented in order to rebalance the Shadebinder Warlock includes reducing the speed of some projectiles, as well as the duration of certain attacks. Judging by those balance changes, it looks like players will have an easier time dealing with Shadebinder Warlocks during multiplayer matches. Bungie thanked players for their patience and explained, "With Stasis we've tried to push the sandbox in new directions  and that increases the likelihood we introduce something spicier than normal."

The Shadebinder Warlock Hotfix isn't the only problem Bungie had to reconfigure for Destiny 2. The developers were forced to disable the Veles Labyrinth Lost Sector at Legendary and Master difficulty levels after an exploit was found. That exploit allowed players with low-level Guardians to enter and complete the Lost Sector, which let them scoop up its rewards without much difficulty. Before being fixed, players were able to farm XP and get their hands on the new Exotic Gauntlets with an under-leveled Guardian.