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This Is The Best Bomber Loadout For Star Wars: Squadrons

There is nothing more gratifying than emerging as the victor of a glorious space battle. Electronic Arts' Star Wars: Squadrons lets you do just that.

It is no secret that the bombers are among the most versatile ships in the game. Both the TIE Bomber and the New Republic's Y-Wing are incredibly tanky ships. Their heavily armored hulls allow both ships to hold steady in the thick of a firefight. On top of a strong exterior, the bombers offer a solid and diverse arsenal that allows them to bring the fight to their opponents. They don't solely excel in razing capital ships, but they can be quite lethal in a dogfight.


If you're not overly invested in the single-player campaign and want to dive straight into the competitiveness of multiplayer, then you'll want to pick up a bomber. Although there are multiple bombers, one is above the rest: the TIE Bomber. There isn't a ship that is as durable or as powerful as the TIE Bomber. Jump into the cockpit and rain destruction upon your enemies.

The best TIE Bomber loadout for destroying rebel capital ships

The TIE Bomber is already a beefy starfighter. The heavily armored hull provides the highest base stat for toughness. Their raw toughness stat coupled with high firepower makes them a capital ship's worst nightmare.


You can transform the TIE Bomber into a capital ship killer by equipping the Sienar Rotary Cannon. With a ship like the TIE Bomber, you are going to need high sustained damage, and the rotary cannon offers just that — a high rate of fire with high sustained damage. For the left auxiliary, you will want to run the Sienar R/D-77 Assault Shield. It's the easiest way to make a beefy ship even beefier. The assault shield is very handy against a frontal assault. For the right auxiliary, look to the Sienar Seeker Mines to help ward off those pesky A- and U-Wing fighters.

The Reinforced Hull will provide even more survivability against incoming fire. For countermeasures, run Chaff Particles to scramble enemy sensors and protect your own capital ship. Lastly, equip the Unstable Twin Engine for some extra movement speed. If killed upon death, the engine will detonate and deal some damage to nearby enemies.


The best TIE Bomber loadout for Dogfights

The TIE Bomber is nothing if not versatile. Your ideal Dogfight build will closely resemble your capital ship build, but with a couple of minor tweaks. 

You're going to want to run the same primary weapon. The Sienar Rotary Cannon packs a punch if you can plot your enemy battleship's course. The left auxiliary will continue to be the Assault Shield. It'll ward off any frontal enemy attacks — reducing frontal damage by 90 percent. Equip the Seeker Mines, as they are still your second line of defense.


The differences in the countermeasures and hull are what make the TIE Bomber viable in a dogfight. You'll want to equip the Dampener Hull. This hull is one of the best because it makes it harder for enemies to lock onto your TIE Bomber. For your engine, swap between the Twin Ion Engine or the Unstable Twin Engine for the last-ditch effort to deal some damage. And lastly, pick up the Seeker Warheads for your countermeasures. If a Republic ship does manage to flank you, then deploy your Seeker Warhead to intercept incoming missiles.

These builds are a must-have for players trying to bring their A-game.