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The Weirdest Things People Received Instead Of Their Xbox

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The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 launches have been a tumultuous and never-ending parade of disappointment and happenstance. Few gamers got their hands on consoles because of mishandled pre-orders, and anyone who didn't buy their consoles ahead of time might not receive one for a while due to supply problems. And, since scalpers are grabbing consoles as soon as they pop up, you might assume you are in the clear if you can actually get an online order through. Recent developments demonstrate the opposite.


Lately, next-gen console hopefuls have discovered that if someone thinks they can rob you and get away with it, they often will. Many gamers who ordered PS5s through Amazon have opened their boxes to find cat food, toilet paper, and nerf guns, but no console. Thieves took the time to cut open their packages, remove the contents, and replace them with doodads of significantly less worth, and PS5 consoles aren't alone in this.

Quite a few gamers who ordered an Xbox Series X and/or Series S are reporting consoles that have gone missing or were swapped under "mysterious" circumstances. Here are some of the weirdest things people have received instead of an Xbox Series X/S.

Screwdrivers and facial cleaner

If you bought a Playstation 5, odds are you will quickly run out of hard drive space, and you will either have to delete old games or eventually install a new SSD. According to the official PS5 teardown video, you will need some screwdrivers to take the console apart in order to upgrade it. The Xbox Series X doesn't ask you to strip down your console to upgrade it, so you don't need screwdrivers to install more hard drive space. Tell that to the person who stole Daniel Loftus' Xbox Series X.


Daniel Loftus announced via Twitter that instead of receiving his promised Series X, the Amazon driver dropped off a package containing facial cleaner and a set of screwdrivers. That's about $17 worth of merchandise Loftus has no use for, and he is, as he put it, quite livid.

In the hopes of receiving his erstwhile console, Loftus reached out on Twitter for someone, anyone who received an Xbox Series X instead of their expected screwdrivers, but to no avail. Now Loftus has to wait until the tail end of December (or 2021) to receive his Series X.


When you order a console (or any other product) online, you might have a few sleepless nights wondering if your purchase will reach you. However, when you buy a console, you probably already own a bed and don't need bedsheets. And yet, that's exactly what someone received instead of an Xbox Series X.


According to Twitter user Cain Sadler, they ordered a Series X but received a bedsheet set for a king size bed instead, and it wasn't an expensive set, either. The sheet collection, which included one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, goes for around $20 on Amazon. However, the tale of the missing console isn't half as interesting as how Sadler received the incorrect items.

Apparently, Sadler spent all day waiting for the delivery. They sat by the front door and saw the Amazon truck arrive. However, nobody got out of the truck. Sadler received a fraudulent notification that a delivery was attempted, and then the driver took off. The truck returned eight hours later with the bedsheets.


Sadler did the only smart thing and contacted customer support. According to the agent, Amazon is looking into the situation.


Usually, when an Xbox Series X is stolen and replaced with another item, the replacement is a random piece of guff that has next to no value for its new recipient. Rarely, it is an item that person can use, but even then it's a cold comfort given the situation.


Matthew Laubscher was waiting for his Series X when his long-awaited package arrived. However, it was far too small to hold a console. The box could have feasibly contained a physical game for a Series X, but not a Series X itself. But even that bit of consolation luck was too much to ask for, because when Matthew opened the package, he found three tins of coffee.

To be fair, Laubscher received high-end Classico illy blend coffee that costs $15 a can (for a total of $45). However, it doesn't matter how much coffee Laubscher consumes or how nice it is, because no amount can replace a $500 next-gen game console.

An Xbox One X

Because Microsoft decided to give its next-gen console a name almost identical to that of its top-of-the-line last-gen console, many gamers might have accidentally ordered the Xbox One X when they wanted an Series X. However, even when someone makes extra sure they purchase a Series X, they might receive a One X through no fault of their own.


Reddit user L3Jane claimed they signed up for Xbox All Access, which is a service that ships you an Xbox Series X or Series S, as well as a 24-month membership to Xbox Game Pass, and you pay as you go. While Microsoft offers the Xbox One X through All Access, L3Jane stated they ordered an Xbox Series X and received an Xbox One X instead.

L3Jane's post included an image of an Xbox One X with the "All Access" sticker on it, as well as receipts that confirm they ordered a Series X and not a One X.

In any other situation, L3Jane might have been the victim of a rogue Amazon or FedEx employee — or a porch pirate. However, in this case, L3Jane was merely the unlucky recipient of a few crossed wires and signals.