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You Might Have Missed A GTA 6 Clue In The Latest GTA Online Teaser

Recently, Rockstar Games revealed it is going all-in with Grand Theft Auto Online and expanding on the game's already gigantic map. At first, this decision infuriated fans who have waited an entire console generation for GTA 6 (and will probably wait even longer). In the eyes of many gamers, Rockstar has seemingly abandoned proper sequel plans in favor of milking the live service MMO. But, some eagle-eyed viewers think the studio might have used the update's newest trailer (which notably features a submarine) to smuggle under-the-radar info that indicates GTA 6 is fast approaching — or at the very least in development.


If you take the initial teaser for the expansion at face value, it just displays an island, a John Doe corpse, and the name "El Rubio." Is El Rubio the island's name? No, because the second trailer seemingly confirms it is called Cayo Perico, and since the update is titled "The Cayo Perico Heist," it can be assumed that players will probably steal from a person known as El Rubio. However, that's not what gamers are excited about.

What has caught the attention of fans are the GPS coordinates at the bottom of the teaser. Since you never know when a studio is engaging in a bit of ARG, several viewers used Google Earth to see if the latitude and longitude led anywhere interesting. Instead of finding an expected island treasure, the coordinates provided an aerial view of a winding road in the middle of Virginia, specifically in the George Washington & Jefferson National Forests — a winding road that looks suspiciously like the Roman numeral "VI," which stands for 6.


This raises the question of why Rockstar would include coordinates to a road that looks like a number 6 in a GTA Online content trailer. The obvious answer (and general consensus on Twitter) is the road is meant to tease GTA 6. After all, the franchise typically uses Roman numerals to differentiate between entry titles. That's the long and short of it.

Of course, this image by no means proves anything. The GTA franchise has many similarities to the real world, but its geography is in truth distinct from Earth's. For all we know, the GPS coordinates that lead to the real Virginian road might also be Cayo Perico's coordinates within the confines of GTA's fictional topography. Plus, some gamers previously speculated "The Diamond Casino & Resort" trailer teased an upcoming South American-centric GTA entry, which ended up as real as Bigfoot in GTA: San Andreas.

Still, Rockstar sneaking a Roman numeral-shaped Easter egg into a trailer seems more than just a fluke. Perhaps Rockstar is cooking up something, and GTA 6 is close to fruition. Either that, or this is the mother of all coincidences.