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Milla Jovovich And Monster Hunter Fans Just Got Great News

Star of The Fifth Element and the Resident Evil films Milla Jovovich is about to become a video game character for the second time in her career. Starting Dec. 3, Captain Natalie Artemis, the protagonist played by Jovovich in the upcoming Monster Hunter film, will appear in Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne during a two-part movie tie-in event quest. Jovovich herself will voice her in-game counterpart.


The Monster Hunter film is currently scheduled to open in theaters on Christmas Day, against considerable competition. While the ongoing pandemic could still delay a theatrical release, Capcom appears to be introducing this tie-in content to build up to that date.

Players participating in the quest will take on Black Diablos in its first part, and an oversized version of one of the series' most iconic creatures, Greater Rathalos, in its second. Both monsters are featured prominently in the first trailer for the film, suggesting that, barring any surprises, these creatures will be the film's main antagonists.

According to Polygon, to participate in the event you must have reached Master Rank. This was among the features added in the Iceborne expansion, and grants access to post-game content following a lengthy campaign. Rewards for the event's completion include layered armor, a new background, titles, and Guild Card poses. On Nov. 26, prior to the quest's start date, all Iceborne players will receive an item pack upon logging in also meant to celebrate the film's impending release.


Jovovich's Artemis is a soldier from a world resembling our own who gets unwittingly teleported into the Monster Hunter universe. Use of the term Isekai has lately been gaining in popularity to categorize such stories due to its describing a number of recently successful anime series. In short, Isekai refers to a story in which a character is displaced from their own world into a sci-fi or fantasy world, as is the case with Artemis in Monster Hunter. In a trailer for the event, however, Artemis appears outfitted with game-appropriate weapons and armor, presumably from a point later in the film by which she's become accustomed to her new surroundings.

The first and only other video game Jovovich appeared in was not a Resident Evil title but a 1998 PS1 adaptation of The Fifth Element. Jovovich's career is more or less inseparable from gaming, as Monster Hunter marks her second time starring in a film adaptation of a video game series. It's appropriate, then, that her likeness should appear not just in these adaptations but their source material too.