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Pokimane Puts Fedmyster 'Drama To Rest'

The online drama between former OfflineTV member Fedmyster and Twitch streamer Imane "Pokimane" Anys has reached a fever pitch. After a document containing private conversations between Fed and Pokimane was leaked, Fed added more fuel to the fire by speaking on the subject, which painted Pokimane in a bad light.


Pokimane wasn't going to let Fed get away with just telling his side of the story. In a recent response, the Twitch superstar revealed details that Fed failed to include in his statement, and attempted to offer more context to any allegations that were made against her. 

To recap: Back in June, Fed was accused of harassment and inappropriate behavior by several members of the entertainment group Offline TV. In response to these allegations, OTV removed Fed from both the group and their shared house.

A few days later, Pokimane spoke on the subject of Fed and the accusations, stating that his behavior was a "big reason" why she left the OTV house. She told viewers that Fed was constantly sabotaging her relationships and friendships with other people.


After several months of remaining silent, Fed spoke up after a document that contained an essay written by Fed was leaked on November 24. The essay accused Pokimane of lying about the nature of their relationship alongside private text conversations between the two creators.

"Watching Poki talk about all the things I've done with little to zero context to the nature of our relationship hurt me pretty bad," Fed wrote in the leaked letter, according to a report from Dexerto. "I definitely did some questionable things and broke her trust, but there are some claims she makes about me, and herself that are either false, twisting the truth, or misconstrued."

However, one day later on November 25, Fed responded to the leaked document and apologized for any pain the leak might have caused. The document was never meant to be released to the public as it contained private information and texts that were shared with the internet. Furthermore, Fed stated that the relationship he and Pokimane had was nothing more than platonic.

"I know a lot of details surrounding the nature of our friendship were shown, but I'd like to first prevent any further speculation by saying we were never intimate or in a relationship," Fed wrote. "Poki and I were very close and often flirty but that was the extent of it."


Now, Pokimane has finally broke her silence on the subject, and told her side of the story. Pokimane released an 11-page document to give more context to what happened. In the doc, Pokimane gave her side of the story and attempted to clarify certain details Fed had left out.

"Looking back, I would've done a lot of things differently, and know for a fact that neither of us handled the situation perfectly," Pokimane wrote. "However, our private convos heavily lacked context, and I'm not okay with how they're being misrepresented." Hoping that this would put the "drama to rest," Pokimane concluded that many of Fed's accusations were misleading and didn't leave any room for other perspectives.

Fedmyster has yet to make a response to Pokimane's new document.