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Everything We Know About League Of Legends' Rell

Riot Games has announced the release of the latest champ to hit Summoner's Rift. The League of Legends community has been introduced to Rell, the full metal equinist.

Rell is the newest champion since the release of K/DA popstar, Seraphine, arrived in Patch 10.22. Rell is the latest "full tank" support that has been released by Riot Games. She is the female iteration of Braum, who, prior to her release, was the only "full tank" support in the game. Her playstyle is very unique in comparison to other supports and her skill-kit is a fresh take on some older champion skillsets.


Rell is a Noxian by birth. She was born to an agent of The Black Rose, an organization mostly associated with LeBlanc, whose sole purpose is to combat the Iron Revenant, Mordekaiser. Rell was born with the magical ability of "ferromancy," the ability to manipulate metal. Noxus sent her to an academy for the gifted, and there, unbeknownst to her, she siphoned the power of other students — causing them to permanently disappear. They were molding her into the ultimate weapon. When she learned the truth about her classmates — she was not pleased.

So what does she do?

Rell is hellbent on making Noxus pay. Her story is very closely linked to that of Sylas, a Demacian mage who was imprisoned for his "afflicted magical" abilities. But what are Rell's abilities?

Rell's passive ability, Break the Mold, steals a portion of her target's armor and magic resistances. She can siphon from multiple sources and grow incredibly tanky — similar to Trundle, but without the ultimate. Her Q ability, Shattering Strike, allows her to stab forward and break any shields. When bound to an ally, they both will heal based on enemy champions hit. Her W ability, Ferromancy allows her to switch forms. She leaps from her horse and gains a number of tank stats, as well as knocking up enemies. When she remounts, she deals bonus damage and momentarily stuns the enemy.


Rell's E ability binds her to an allied champion and grants them additional bonus armor and magic resist while in range. Meanwhile, her ultimate ability, Magnet storm, creates a magnetic storm that pulls enemies toward her.

Rell will launch alongside League of Legends' Patch 10.25.