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The Halo Infinite Rumor That Just Won't Die

A particular Halo Infinite rumor continues to run rampant among fans who are anxiously awaiting the game's release. The rumor claims that Halo Infinite will have a battle royale mode, but it's completely baseless. However, that isn't stopping this rumor from continuing to make rounds within the game's community, even after it's been shot down once last year, and again on November 30 of this year.


This rumor first started last October, when industry insider Brad Sams uploaded a video that supposedly contained information about Halo Infinite. In the video, Sams mentioned that according to a source, the game will have a battle royale mode akin to Fortnite or Apex Legends, but with its own twist.

This rumor was shot down by Frank O'Connor, the director for the Halo franchise, who referenced the video in a lengthy forum post on ResetEra. O'Connor also mentioned that if there were to be a battle royale mode in the game, that it would only be an extra addition to the game, and that there were no development plans of having a Halo entry that was strictly a battle royale game.

However, this didn't stop fans from continuing to speculate. The rumor is still very much alive, and has recently reached the ears of a developer for Halo Infinite. In a tweet, community manager Brian Jarrad mentioned how the "unfounded Halo Infinite rumors" shouldn't be taken as fact.


"[By the way,] yes I'm aware we could help solve this with real news," Jarrad wrote. "We certainly have some things we're overdue on and eager to talk more about. We're in the process of pulling together a year-end update."

Basically, while fans are still left in the dark, there's at least some hope that there will be Halo Infinite news in the near future. Will the rumored (but unlikely) battle royale mode perhaps be announced then? Perhaps something similar to it?

What's more than likely the reason why this rumor just won't seem to die is the general hype for the game, as well as the lack of any substantial news. With no mention of anything except its delay to 2021, it's easy for people to begin to speculate what could possibly be in the works for Halo Infinite.

What is known for sure is that Halo Infinite is currently still in active development. Whether or not the hold up is due to the implementation of a battle royale mode is purely speculation. Perhaps the rumors will finally die when 343 finally drops that "year-end update."