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How To Summon Cloudfeather Guardian In WoW: Shadowlands

The introduction of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has brought along some new additions to the game. In this expansion, Blizzard also added the new and rare Cloudfeather Guardian.

The first accessible zone players are allowed to explore while playing the Shadowlands content is Bastion. Bastion is the home of the pure, but the paradisiacal realm is one of unseen unrest. Bastion is inhabited by the Kyrian, the noble inhabitants of the land. While exploring this particular zone, players are likely to come across the Garden of Respite. The area was once known as a place of meditation for the Kyrian people but is now home to various forms of wildlife. 


The new area introduces the newly added mobs. In the Garden of Respite, you can find Anima-Starved Wyrms. More importantly, if you are lucky enough, you may come across the incredibly rare Cloudfeather Guardian. The Cloudfeather Guardian is the true gem in this zone and will appear once players have eliminated a surplus of Anima-Starved Wyrms. The guardian will present itself and land, and then it becomes attackable.

Why do you want to summon the Cloudfeather Guardian?

Those who are lucky enough to encounter and defeat the Cloudfeather Guardian will be rewarded. The most notable reward would be the Golden Cloudfeather – an item that will always drop when defeating a Cloudfeather Guardian. The Golden Cloudfeather grants the player the ability to summon a miniaturized version of the Cloudfeather Guardian. The battle pet will be rewarded to any players who happen to tag the mob before it is slain.


Players may also want to defeat the Cloudfeather Guardian so that they can later obtain the "Adventurer of Bastion" achievement. The Cloudfeather Guardian is just one of several monsters that must be slain in order to unlock the achievement. It's the perfect goal for players who often spend time chasing titles or achievements. Players should attack the rare mob on sight and not let the opportunity pass them by. 

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is now available on PC.