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A Surprising Number Of People Want A PS5 Instead Of An Xbox This Holiday Season

As Baby Yoda famously announced at the end of Game Wars: Episode II – Release of the Next Gen Consoles, "Begun, the console war has."

With PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on the market as of this past November, Sony and Microsoft have renewed a rivalry that began back in the PS2 and Xbox days. Both companies once again want to define next-gen gaming and have simultaneously released consoles attempting to do so. With the popularity of gaming has reached arguably an all-time high due to an increase in time spent at home as a result of the pandemic, the 2020 holiday season will serve as the two companies' biggest battlefield yet.


In order to come up with an idea of which console has the edge this holiday season, SVG conducted a survey of 700 people and has definitively predicted a winner. Earning 68% of the vote, Sony's PS5 has emerged as the clear holiday favorite.

The PS5 is more of a premium product

The Xbox Series X isn't a bad console by any meaningful metric. Its specs are ultimately better, purely numbers-wise, than those of the PS5 (though the Series X's performance is worse than that of its competitor). However, raw power doesn't directly equate to value, and currently, the PS5 is simply the more valuable system. Accordingly, the Xbox Series X only received 19% of poll votes, and the Series S a meager 2%.


On some level, the dominance of the PS5 is simply a continuation of the market dominance of the PS4, which sold significantly better than its rival, the Xbox One. The onus is now on Microsoft to prove that it deserves to hang with Sony. Judging by the poll results, Microsoft has yet to do that for consumers.

Whether or not those that voted in the poll end up receiving their desired console, however, is an entirely different matter. As Baby Yoda said in Game Wars: Episode IX, "Good luck to everyone hoping for a PS5 or an Xbox Series X this holiday season."