Genshin Impact Is Raking In Awards

Although the game has only been out for a few short months, Genshin Impact has received numerous awards this week, solidifying its position in the gaming and app industry. The game gained wide recognition for its ambitious open world that could be played on consoles, PC, and mobile devices. miHoYo, the company behind the game, is now able to confidently say that its efforts were definitely rewarded.


Genshin Impact snagged three Google Play Awards and App Store Game of the Year. The official Genshin Impact Twitter account was very happy to share the news with its playerbase on December 1.

"We are happy to announce that Genshin Impact has won 3 prestigious Google Play Awards: 'Best Game of 2020,' 'Users' Choice' and 'Best Innovative Games' in many countries!!" miHoYo wrote. "Paimon would like to thank all the Travelers who have given us their support!"

Additionally, the Genshin Impact Twitter account also announced that players will receive a total of 800 Primogems in celebration of the achievement. This couldn't have come at a better time, since the game's newest Character Event Wish Banner featuring Zhongli was just released. All these extra gems are sure to please players who are trying to pull the 5 star character for their teams.


This exciting achievement may have miHoYo feeling relieved, especially after Genshin Impact was met with much criticism prior to its release. Some of these critiques accused the game of being a Breath of the Wild clone, due to its similar art style and open world concept. Even after its release, players were turned off by a lot of the game's gacha mechanics that had arguably abysmal pull rates for rare characters.

Along this same vein, players were — and still are — outraged by the game's Resin system, which operates as a regenerating source of energy that is used to obtain rewards from certain activities. The main problem with Resin is that it takes a long time to fully replenish, and the amount that's needed to reap the rewards of activities in the game's overworld can be costly. 

Despite this backlash, Genshin Impact was still able to come out on top, and is clearly working to provide its players with even more content. A new gliding event is set to drop on December 4 which will reward players with even more Primogems and materials. A massive update that's in the works will also introduce a new area for players to explore later on this month.