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World Of Warcraft's New Boss Has Fans Begging

World of Warcraft's latest update, Shadowlands, has given players plenty of new content to tinker with, at the cost of some light frustration. The recent expansion fleshes out the game's Shadowlands areas, adding five new locations to explore in the misty realm. However, there's one place in particular that's giving even the most seasoned players some trouble.

While most of the Shadowlands can be explored using mounts, the Maw — which is the equivalent to the Ninth Circle of Hell — doesn't allow for easy travel. Players who enter this area will be forced to ditch their ride and instead travel on foot through one of the creepiest areas in the game. If that wasn't enough pain, Blizzard has also removed the Flight Master's Whistle — an item that allows players to instantly travel back to the nearest flight point — in this update. The only class that is unaffected by these restrictions are druids since they can transform into their own mounts.

Needles to say, all of these changes definitely amp up the difficulty and danger of the Maw. Many players have taken to social media to express their struggles as they traverse this literal hell world. Memes have been made and WoW developers have been mentioned a handful of times on Twitter. At the present moment, it doesn't look like the devs plan on budging any time soon.

But why would WoW players subject themselves to such torture? To challenge the boss who reigns over the Maw, of course. In the depths of the Maw lies Torghast, the Tower of the Damned, which serves as the home for the update's newest boss, the Jailer. The Jailer seems to be the one to blame for the mounting mishaps in the area, but his tower is sure to contain plenty of rare loot of players to hoard — they just have to trudge their way to his domain first.

Although the Maw is the main area in the Shadowlands that is getting a lot of attention, the other areas that were brought with the latest update are not to be missed. The stunning bioluminescent forest of Ardenweald is contrasted by Revendreth, a gothic aesthetic that is crawling with vampiric creatures. Maldraxxus is crawling with spiders and skeletons, but the beautiful fields and towers of Bastion are definitely a sight for sore eyes (especially after trips to the Maw).

It's unknown whether or not Blizzard will patch the Flight Master's Whistle back into the game, so players will just have to sit tight for now. Regardless, there's plenty to be explored in WoW's Shadowlands update, just be sure to properly prepare for your journey into the Maw should you choose to challenge the Jailer.