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M. Bison Vs. Seth: Which Street Fighter Boss Would Win In A Fight?

The World Warriors of Street Fighter have had to do battle with several overpowered bosses since the series' inception.

The very first Street Fighter featured the "Emperor of Muay Thai" Sagat as the final challenge. Once Street Fighter 2 came around, M. Bison stepped into the final boss role and embarrassed plenty of players who dared to step to him. Street Fighter 3 pit players against the god-like being known as Gill. And once Street Fighter 4 came around, the super android known as Seth appeared as the final baddie that everyone was forced to overcome.


Two of those bosses have a connection to each other that makes a fantasy matchup between them quite intriguing. M. Bison may be a supreme dictator with overwhelming strength, but his body can only endure so much power. M. Bison's terrorist organization has set up certain characters as replacement body candidates for him, such as Cammy, Abel, and Ed.

Another one of those replacement body picks just so happens to be Seth. But what if M. Bison had to fight Seth to claim his body for himself? And what if Seth tried to wrest M. Bison's Psycho Power away from him? Who would ultimately prevail?

M. Bison is an evil mastermind with devastating powers

M. Bison's latest incarnation in Street Fighter 5 makes him appear as one of the most formidable series combatants thus far.

The Psycho Power he still wields gives him access to a number of vicious maneuvers. He's able to send out a projectile called Psycho Blast, close the distance with the devastating Double Knee Press, and come down from the air with the sudden Head Press special. What's even cooler about that aforementioned maneuver is the moves he can use before it or follow up with, which are known as the Somersault Skull Diver and Devil Reverse.


M. Bison's Psycho Charge comes into play as a command grab that infuses his opponent with explosive Psycho Power. M. Bison's signature Psycho Crusher move can be powered up into an ultimate attack capable of finishing off his foes. That move is the Critical Art known as the Ultimate Psycho Crusher.

Seth is a genetically engineered monster

Since making his return in SF5, Seth has obtained a number of new moves.

Through the Tanden Engine and Tanden Install specials, Seth can use his stomach as a vortex to bring his opponent right to him and steal one of their moves. Seth can assault his victims with a series of quick punches via the Hecatoncheires special, land a rising punch-like maneuver with his Mad Cradle, and pull off a snappy kick with his Cruel Disaster maneuver.


Once Seth taps into either of his V-Trigger attacks, his threat level increases exponentially. His Tanden Ignition increases the combo potential and power of his special moves, while his Tanden Maneuver sends out a maneuverable orb that can severely damage his hapless victims. When it comes to his Critical Art, Seth has two within his repertoire: Tanden Destruction and Tanden Extreme. The first Critical Art sucks foes into a vacuum, then forces them out right into a nearby wall. And Tanden Extreme adds a copy of Seth to Tanden Destruction for extra damage.

Picking a winner between M. Bison and Seth is certainly a tough endeavor, but it seems like Seth has the sheer power to kill the mad dictator.