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This Upcoming PS5 Game Will Be A Console Exclusive For Two Years

Many game publishers and console manufacturers are slowly discarding the practice of locking games through console exclusivity. You will probably never see Fire Emblem on the Xbox One or God of War on the Switch (the Kratos skin in Fortnite notwithstanding), but going forward, many titles will only remain exclusive to one console for a limited time. Although, some timed exclusivity windows may test your patience.

Sony just released a trailer with the latest and upcoming titles for the PlayStation 5. The video only includes games that have already received trailers (sorry everyone waiting for God of War: Ragnarok news), but it makes up for this shortcoming with important information on how long the PS5 will tether certain releases. Case in point: Project Athia won't make the leap to other consoles for at least two years after it launches.

This announcement is the most Square Enix and Sony have shared about Project Athia since it was unveiled during the PS5 reveal. Would-be players still don't know anything about the game's plot or mechanics. But, when Project Athia's trailer stated the game was "designed for PlayStation 5," you might have assumed Project Athia would be a dedicated PS5 exclusive. The latest trailer seems to indicate it might come to other consoles, albeit not for a good chunk of the PS5's lifespan. However, which consoles remains a mystery.

While the trailer is full of other timed PS5 exclusives, none are weighed down by protracted probationary periods like Project Athia's. According to the video, Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo won't launch on other platforms for at least a year after release, so why will Project Athia be stuck for twice as long as other games? Possibly because it is so early in development it doesn't even have a proper title yet.

Still, the question remains: If you own an Xbox Series X, can you eventually play Project Athia? The answer might lie with Godfall. According to the trailer, Project Athia will also come to PC, but it won't launch on "other consoles" for two years. That same wording is found in the segments for other timed exclusives, including Godfall, which states that game is "also available on PC" and won't launch on other consoles until May 12, 2021. Since the game is already on PC, that leaves the Xbox Series X|S (and maybe Google Stadia) as the most likely May release since Godfall is likely beyond the Nintendo Switch's capabilities.

If Godfall eventually lands on the Xbox Series X|S, then the trailer might have confirmed a Series X|S port for Project Athia, as well as ports of Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo. But still, two years is a long time to wait for non-PS5 owners.