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These Are The Most Powerful Aid Boons In Hades

Hades is tough enough to challenge even the most experienced player, and the game expertly knows when to throw more challenges your way and literally turn up the heat. As one of the most popular games of the year, Hades has wowed audiences by racking up Game Awards nominations and acquainting a whole new generation with the wild and often conflicting world of Greek mythology.


Even though fighting hordes of miserable wretches proves difficult, there are things to aid Zagreus in his journey out of the underworld. Aid boons from famous Olympians can empower Zag with the tools he needs to defeat countless enemies and make it into Greece in one piece, but all boons are not created equal. Aid boons specifically allow Zagreus to call on his godly friends to intervene on his behalf, but only after filling up a special God Gauge. With three choices available each time players earn a boon, how can you divine which is best? Seek no further. This list breaks down the most powerful Aid boons in Hades.

Keep enemies at arm's length

Athena, the goddess of wisdom, typically focuses on deflecting attacks and helping Zagreus protect himself from enemies. Her Aid makes Zagreus impervious for a short amount of time, which is perfect for getting up close to enemies. Her Greater Call makes Zagreus invincible for just a bit longer, allowing for more time hacking and slashing and less time getting pummeled by foes.


Poseidon comes out of his sea realm to aid Zag by pushing enemies away, keeping them at a safe distance. His Aid makes Zagreus fast and invincible, dealing massive damage to anyone who crosses his surge. This Aid is great for destroying enemies who just won't keep their distance, as well as bosses that operate by controlling large parts of the room (like Lernie).

Hermes has an odd set of boons. Essentially, Hermes will allow your God Gauge to fill quicker so you can use other boons more frequently and for longer periods of time. This is a must-have for those who want to keep baddies away by calling on their god friends for help.

Hit wretches better and more powerfully

The great hunter Artemis typically sticks to what she knows: bows and arrows. Her Aid is much the same, allowing Zagreus to shoot a huge, enemy-seeking arrow with an increased chance of being a critical hit. When her Aid is used with a full God Gauge, Artemis shoots additional arrows, making the attack even stronger.


Zagreus' Cast can be hit or miss, but Aphrodite's Aid allows Zag to fire with more accuracy by making his Cast into an enemy-seeking missile. These projectiles also deal an increased amount of damage and charm enemies for a period of time. Since charmed enemies attack each other, this Aid does double duty by giving Zag an improved Cast and the ability to cause chaos on the battlefield.

Being the god of war, Ares is all about hitting things hard and frequently. Ares' Aid turns you into a huge, rotating Blade Rift, eviscerating anyone who stands in Zagreus' way. While you're in Blade Rift form, you're also impervious to damage, making Zag the ultimate killing machine.

Handle a crowd with area affects

The king of the gods, Zeus, is full of fanfare and lightning, blasting foes away with bolts from the heavens. Zeus's Aid shoots lightning around the arena for a brief time, with a Greater Call version lasting longer. Zeus' Aid is perfect for dealing with huge groups of enemies, as it clears out the screen quickly!


The god of parties can deal one massive Hangover, making it one of the best effects in Hades. Dionysus' Aid deals Hangover damage around Zagreus, infecting any enemy nearby. Hangover effects can stack, making them an ideal choice for clearing out a room of smaller enemies, or giving one big bad an awful headache.

Sometimes, it's best to tell enemies to take a chill pill. Demeter's Aid inflicts Chill in an area around Zagreus, slowing enemies down and dealing damage at the same time. Enemies that die of chill help spread the icy damage even further. If you need to clear out a room quickly, Demeter is the one to call for Aid.