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The Untold Truth Of TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman might not be one of the most competitive Twitch streamers out there, but he is still one of the most prolific content creators you will ever see. The man does what he does because he enjoys it, even if he sucks at it (coughFallGuyscough), and he made a lot of friends along the way, including Ninja and Dr Disrespect. Moreover, TimTheTatman is an open book who wears his history and thoughts on his sleeves — right next to all of those tattoos.


However, not every piece of TimTheTatman's story is immediately obvious. Perhaps you recently discovered TimTheTatman, fell in love with his videos, and want to know how he became the streamer he is today. Or, maybe you are a longtime TimTheTatman fan who wants to learn more about the guy. Either way, continue reading, and you will discover a few factoids you probably didn't know were waiting in the wings.

I'd like to thank my teacher for giving me my name

TimTheTatman is known for many things, including but not limited to making fun of himself, abusing his plush penguin Kevin, and taking fall damage every day that ends with the letter "Y". Those aspects are crucial to his identity, but they are only half the formula. After all, every good streamer needs a catchy title. If you assumed TimTheTatman received his name because of his tattoos, you only know half the story.


Tattoos have been part of Tim's identity (yes that is his real first name) for a long time. He obtained his first tattoo when he was 18. He chose a crown of thorns around his right arm, and it got him hooked on tattoos. Before he entered college, his right arm transformed into a sleeve of inked skin, and one fateful day, a college professor called Tim's name to see if he was present. When Tim raised his right arm, the professor noticed it was covered in tattoos.

Not being a stick in the mud, the professor jokingly called Tim, "Tim the tat man." The nickname made an impression on Tim, and when he started streaming, he used it for his nom de guerre.

The face of NFL on Twitch

Normally, one would associate Twitch strictly with video game streams, but the site has branched out in recent years. The NFL threw its helmet into that ring and started airing Thursday Night Football on Twitch. TimTheTatman, as a fan of football, would soon find himself helping to popularize streaming the sport.


While Thursday Night Football has been around for quite some time, you usually catch it on channels such as Fox. However, Fox cut a deal with Twitch and various streamers to air games on their channels. In 2019, TimTheTatman was selected to stream more games than almost any other content creator. The only person who signed up for more livestreams was AngryJoe. When football season reemerged from hibernation in 2020, TimTheTatman picked up from where he left off to stream more football matches.

TimTheTatman is on such good terms with the NFL that he cameoed in an NFL commercial, which is usually reserved for star football players. It was a bit part that lasted barely three seconds, but it was still an opportunity for TimTheTatman to appear in an NFL commercial. How could he say no?


Education came first

If you frequent Twitch streams, odds are you have watched someone who didn't quite cut it in college — or decided they no longer loved their major. Some of the biggest names in streaming such as Shroud, Pokimane, and PewDiePie either dropped out of college or decided to not bother attending. TimTheTatman might not rake in the subscription numbers of these content creators, but he is notably a major streamer who is also a college graduate.


Back in 2014, TimTheTatman was a much smaller name. He was a full-time social worker and college student, and streaming was only a side gig to him. In 2015, Tim graduated from college and was ready to use his degree for a career. However, life clearly had different plans, since TimTheTatman is now a full-time streamer.

If worst comes to worst and TimTheTatman has to abandon his streaming dream, he can always fall back on his college degree.