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TimTheTatman Breaks His Silence On The Doc's Ban

It has been just over a month since Dr Disrespect was mysteriously banned from Twitch. After all of that time — ages as far as the internet is concerned — we still don't know why the Doc was banned. Even other streamers have been mostly reluctant to comment on the situation. However, one of the Doc's best buddies on the Twitch platform has finally weighed in on how they've been dealing with it.


During a recent stream, someone in TimTheTatman's chat asked him how he felt about not being able to play with Dr Disrespect anymore. The viewer asked TimTheTatMan, "Does it bother you?" The streamer was silent for a few moments before responding, "Yeah, I mean, it sucks, right? Because ... because he's banned on Twitch, I can't, like, technically play with him, you know?"

TimTheTatman reiterated that the Doc was his friend. However, as TimTheTatman put it, "I don't make the rules, bro. In the words of Doc, 'it's out of my hands.'"

This quote is in reference to a strange music video clip posted by Dr Disrespect earlier this month. The clip depicts the Doc's silhouette at the end of a long alleyway and features a song by J+ that uses the lyric, "It's out of my hands." Nobody is really sure what the clip is meant to convey to the Doc's audience, other than possibly indicating he can't do anything about the ban. In the meantime, it seems the Doc is letting his fans know that he's not sure what the future holds.


After answering the difficult question, TimTheTatman was silent for a minute. He made sure to thank the viewer again for their donation, but he otherwise seemed to be in a much different mood. It was obvious that the question had thrown TimTheTatman just a bit.

While this is the first time that TimTheTatman has talked specifically about how the ban has impacted him personally, the subject of the Doc himself has come up a few times in the last month. Due to the friendship between the two streamers, it's only natural.

A few weeks back, TimTheTatman addressed a bizarre donation Nickmercs received from someone claiming to be Dr Disrespect. That donation came with a mysterious poem that claimed to have some kind of inside information surrounding the Doc's ban. Specifically, the poem mentioned, "Twitch needs a scapegoat."

While that seems like something right out of a conspiracy movie, it should be noted that Nickmercs was pretty quick to cast doubts on that donation being from the real Dr Disrespect. Despite this, fans of the Doc held out hope that Dr Disrespect had indeed reached out to Nickmercs in an effort to explain his side of the events.

TimTheTatman squashed these hopes when he said that anyone who believed that donation came from the Doc was "so stupid." As TimTheTatman pointed out at the time, just because the person identified themselves as Dr Disrespect doesn't mean it was legit.


Around the same time, Nickmercs mentioned in a stream that he hoped to be able to stream with both TimTheTatman and the Doc in the near future. However, it should be mentioned that Nickmercs immediately winced after he said this, as though he had brought something up that he shouldn't have. It's clear the lack of information around Dr Disrespect's ban has caused some streamers to be a little on edge. No one seems sure of what they are allowed to say or which reports to believe.

It's worth noting that TimTheTatman seems to be completely in the dark regarding the true nature of the Doc's ban. TimTheTatman himself has said that he's ignoring any rumors until the definitive truth comes out. Whatever caused the ban is still a complete mystery, and not just for the Doc's fans. Even the people who streamed with Dr Disrespect the most have been left without a clue. Recent rumors suggest that the Doc could have done something seriously wrong, but nobody seems to know for sure.

For his own part, the Doc has remained mostly tight-lipped in interviews when discussing the true nature of his ban. All efforts to reach out to Twitch regarding the ban have resulted in a blanket statement reiterating that Twitch does not publicly discuss specific bans. Hopefully one or the other will make a more definite statement in the near future. All of the speculation and waiting is starting to really get to both Doc's fans and his streaming collaborators.