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The Witcher Easter Egg You Missed In Cyberpunk 2077

Fans of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt have been hoping CD Projekt Red would include some Easter Eggs and cameos in Cyberpunk 2077. Now that the game's out, they're not disappointed, and one Witcher Easter egg is extra satisfying. 


Fans hoped Ciri herself might be making an appearance, based on a scene in The Witcher 3 when she described hiding from the Wild Hunt in an alternate where people have metal in their heads, fight from distances, and own personal flying vehicles. Sounds a lot like Night City. Sadly, Ciri doesn't appear in the flesh, but you can find her on the cover of a gaming magazine hidden in a desk drawer inside the Arasaka Corporation. (Tip: Use the game's photo mode to get a better look at her.) 

But this Easter egg is even better, especially if you were frustrated by The Witcher 3's smuggler caches. Every map in the game, particularly Skellige, was packed with question marks. Many of them led to smuggler caches with underwhelming loot. It's always nice when one of the world's most successful game studios has a sense of humor about itself. Here's how to find the Easter egg.


The Night City smuggler's cache

You can find the smuggler's cache under the bridge that connects Heywood to Pacifica, floating in the water near the southernmost pillar. In true Witcher fashion, there's a dead body on a floating platform near the cache. He wrote the "Drowned Man's Note" nearby, so give it a read. Like you, this treasure hunter has been obsessed with finding smuggler's caches, and so far, all he's found is a bunch of broken nets and fishing rods. "It's a game, a cruel ludicrous game. One genuine find for every thousand fakes," he wrote. Alas, he died before he could check this final stash. 


Witcher veterans know what to do next. Dive into the water, swim down to the cache, and see what's inside. There actually are some valuables this time — an uncommon Molodets BioHaz grenade and a biker coat. There's also a hand fan and a bowl, because you gotta have some junk in there, too. 

And there you have it. Now all Cyberpunk 2077 needs is a horse who constantly gets stuck on roofs.