Jim Rowley

North Hollywood, CA
Boston University
Movies, TV, Video Games, Comedy
  • Jim has previously written for pop culture publications like SVG, ScreenRant, and Ranker.
  • He's written for several TV shows on the Game Show Network, TLC, Playboy TV, and a bunch of others you haven't heard of.
  • He's written for online comedy publications including The Onion, Bunny Ears, and Awkward Family Photos.


Jim Rowley is a Los Angeles-based comedy writer and content writer who's been writing professionally for more than 12 years. Jim's primary area of expertise is the entertainment industry, and both his education and work experience writing for TV shows gives him a unique perspective on TV and film news. Jim is also a lifelong fan of pop culture, especially sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. As someone who loves analyzing and discussing movies and TV shows, Jim brings a genuine enthusiasm to everything he writes for Looper.


Jim received his B.S. in TV production and writing from Boston University. His degree covered all aspects of the television industry, which gives him a thorough understanding of how the business works.
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