Jim Rowley

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Los Angeles, California
Boston University
Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Sitcoms, Comedy
  • Having worked on multiple television shows as a writer/producer, Jim brings an informed perspective to writing about TV and film production.
  • In 2008, Jim completed his bachelor’s degree in television writing and production. He’s an avid TV and movie fan who loves analyzing stories, so he’s thrilled to be doing it professionally.
  • Jim has watched every Star Wars movie and TV show, from A New Hope to the most recent season of Bad Batch, multiple times, accounting for approximately 25 percent of his waking life.


Jim has been writing professionally for 15 years. His first TV writing credit was on the comedy game show IdioTest, which aired on the Game Show Network. Since then, he’s written for shows on TLC, the Playboy Channel, and VENN.TV. Among his recent projects, he’s been a writer/producer on a hit cybercrime podcast called Modem Mischief, and he’s written comic books for The Trailer Park Boys. He’s written for Looper.com since 2020.


Jim has a bachelor's degree from Boston University in television production and writing.
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