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GTA Caused An Uproar At The Game Awards

Grand Theft Auto fans are not pleased with a "new" trailer for the series. Expecting new information during The Game Awards, GTA players were instead met with an online slap to the face after the event seemingly debuted a trailer for an upcoming content update for Grand Theft Auto Online. The only snag was that the trailer isn't exactly new, which did not go unnoticed by diehard GTA players.

The outrage was mostly displayed on Twitter after the official Game Awards account tweeted the trailer. The account told followers that a new trailer had been released, but fans have pointed out that this exact trailer was already released in the days prior to the event. Needless to say, fans who were expecting a larger announcement from Rockstar were profoundly disappointed.

The trailer that was shown highlighted an upcoming update, The Cayo Perico Heist, which is a new adventure for players to sink time into. The trailer showed off various scenes from the update that will allow the player to engage in even more thrilling escapades. With a gorgeous beach backdrop and a tropical island vibe, stealing art, gold, and money will give players the opportunity to experience the good life, submarine and all.

While this trailer might've been exciting for GTA Online players yesterday, announcing this game a second day in a row isn't going to produce the same effect. Expecting a new entry in the GTA series, fans were thrown a curveball when they were met with something that is neither a new title, or really news at all. They were mistakenly misled, and the tweet is filled with confused replies from fans who were waiting for a GTA 6 reveal. It's hard for some fans not to feel like Rockstar is just trolling at this point.

Released in 2013, the revolutionary Grand Theft Auto 5 was the latest mainline entry in the series. After 7 years of waiting, fans were given a breadcrumb of hope when there was some work being done for a new entry in the series. However, this has sprouted nothing but fan theories about where the new title might take place, and other baseless rumors. A release date or trailer regarding Grand Theft Auto 6 is nonexistent, and after seven years, fans are understandably a bit antsy.

After this latest stunt at The Game Awards, Rockstar might start to feel the pressure, but there's no telling if there will be an actual new announcement in the works. Maybe if the fans are really lucky, perhaps GTA 6 will get a release date within the next year or two.