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Crimson Desert - What We Know So Far

Receiving a new gameplay trailer during the Game Awards 2020, Crimson Desert is an upcoming open-world RPG. Crimson Desert was originally announced last year by Pearl Abyss, the studio behind the epic MMO Black Desert.


The title received a jam-packed five minute trailer that showed off the game's massive world and combat system. The trailer was filled with plenty of bloody action that will have any player's adrenaline pumping hours after they put down the game. The game's fluid combat will allow players to slice, throw, and absolutely decimate their enemies as they journey through the Crimson Desert's world.

Taking place in the continent of Pywell, Crimson Desert will force players to choose between three warring factions that are fighting to rule the land. With the addition of this new trailer, more information about the Crimson Desert has been revealed. Here's everything you need to know about this upcoming title from Pearl Abyss.


When is the release date for Crimson Desert?

There is currently no exact release date for Crimson Desert. But with the new gameplay trailer came some more information about when we should expect this much anticipated title to drop. With a release window set during Winter 2021, Crimson Desert is more than likely going to have a year jam-packed with a ton of information as the season approaches.


Up until now, Pearl Abyss was pretty tight lipped about anything regarding this new title. However, judging from the footage shown in the Game Awards trailer, it seems that the studio has made a good amount of progress in Crimson Desert's development. Of course, plenty of things may change over the course of the game's development. Still, if the riveting gameplay that was shown in the trailer is in fact how the game exactly plays, a Winter 2021 release date is looking very promising.

Does Crimson Desert have a trailer?

The latest gameplay trailer for Crimson Desert was shown during the 2020 Game Awards. The five minute clip mostly highlighted the game's gorgeous environments and fast-paced combat. With towering mountains to climb, lush valleys to explore, and plenty of enemies to cut down, fans of open world adventure games will be pleased.


The game's trailer featured a cast of characters that all interact with each other through friendly conversations, or just straight up stabbing. The trailer for Crimson Desert muted any dialogue that would've occurred during these interactions, but according to developers, the player will take on the role of Macduff, a mercenary who travels through Pywell with a group of mercs who band together to survive in this country that's experiencing political turmoil

Macduff and his crew seemingly have their work cut out for them. There's going to be a lot to do in this very vast and gorgeous world, just based on the variety of environments that were shown off in Crimson Desert's trailer.

What is the gameplay like in Crimson Desert?

The recent trailer for the Crimson Desert displayed plenty of bloody gameplay for players to indulge in. The game's combat definitely took center stage, with almost the entire trailer being dedicated to showing off how smooth the fighting in the game feels.


If this game is going to play anything like it's predecessor, Black Desert, this title is more than likely going to have some RPG mechanics. But even if there are numbers involved, that still won't hurt the thrill of brutally crushing your enemies with axes, swords, bows, and daggers.

According to Crimson Desert's official website, player choice also seems to be an important mechanic in the game that will affect the events that unfold throughout the story. Perhaps this will also tie in to how the player will have to pick a faction to side with? How exactly this will be put into play is still unknown. Regardless, the player will be an active participant in the story, and their actions will surely have consequences.


Which platforms will Crimson Desert be available on?

Crimson Desert will have a PC and console release when the game drops during Winter 2021. With the recent release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, it's more than likely that the team behind Crimson Desert is developing the title with these next-gen consoles in mind. The developer's stated that the gameplay footage at The Game Awards was running in 4K. With that in mind, it's a safe bet to assume the final game will make use of the next gen consoles' graphical capabilities.


When Black Desert released in 2014, the game was exclusive to PC, and only received PlayStation 4, Xbox One ports, and mobile ports in 2019. Luckily for console players, it doesn't look like Crimson Desert will be following the same release structure as Black Desert

With almost an entire year left until the game hits its release window, there's still more to come from Pearl Abyss about this new title.