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Evil West - What We Know So Far

Every year, the prizes handed out during the Game Awards ceremony are interspersed with first looks at games both previously-announced and entirely new to viewers. Among the brand new titles revealed during the 2020 Game Awards was Evil West, a dark Western action game.


Despite Evil West's newness, some key details are available both at the end of its trailer and on an official Steam Store page that went public following its reveal, giving future fans a better idea of what to expect leading up to its release date.

Evil West is being developed by Flying Wild Hog. Their relatively short list of credits includes Hard Reset and the Shadow Warrior franchise, the first of which is considered one of the best ninja games of all time. Publisher Focus Home Interactive, meanwhile, has released titles ranging from A Plague Tale: Innocence to actual esports game Farming Simulator 19.

Plot summaries posted both to Steam and Flying Wild Hog describe Evil West's cowboy protagonist as a vampire hunter, in a lineage beginning with the legendary Van Helsing, who must save the United States from a demonic invasion.


When is Evil West coming out?

Given that Evil West was only just revealed for the very first time, there's little indication as to when the game will be released beyond a general timeframe. At the end of its reveal video, a general 2021 release date is listed, However, as with virtually all other games currently in development, complications due to COVID or other unforeseen circumstances could always jeopardize even this general timeframe. After all, multiple games saw delays in 2020, thanks to the coronavirus.


The only footage available so far of Evil West consists entirely of cutscenes, suggesting that its gameplay is not yet ready to be showcased. If that is truly the case, then it is safe to assume that a release in the latter half of 2021 is much more likely than anything in the first half. In the meantime, the game's trailer is something to behold.

Is there a trailer for Evil West?

The announcement of Evil West at the Game Awards 2020 consisted entirely of a new cinematic trailer.

While the video includes no gameplay, this extended cinematic first look at the game focuses on its unique Western/horror hybrid setting. Its vampire-hunting, cowboy protagonist is the centerpiece of the trailer, battling a variety of demons that appear to be straight out of the Bible. A burning church providing the backdrop for its cowboy protagonists sets this tone in the trailer's first few moments.


Throughout the battle, the protagonist shows off a range of weapons – some traditional, like a shotgun, and others that appear to be invented specifically for this new game world.

Some additional details from its Steam Store page describe Evil West's world as a "stylized, weird wild west universe" that retells traditional myths and legends. Presumably, given the protagonist's profession, this means an update to old vampire tales, possibly in addition to other classic monster stories.

How is Evil West's gameplay?

Players in Evil West will ultimately carry out their battles against its undead and/or otherwise evil baddies with a variety of weapons, some of which are showcased in its initial trailer. These include a relatively traditional shotgun and handgun, in addition to some non-traditional items like a "lightning-fueled gauntlet" that morphs into spiked and blunt versions of itself. 


Weapons are apparently upgradeable in-game, as is its protagonist through a perk system, so action game fans will find plenty of familiar elements on display here. The Steam page for Evil West also lists "tools" in addition to weapons, suggesting that the game's unique technology may have utility beyond just combat. Some of these tools will probably be revealed as the game's release gets closer, so keep your eyes peeled.

While its campaign is driven by a story, it can be played both solo or cooperatively.

On which platforms will Evil West be released?

Fortunately for anyone looking to jump right into Evil West's idiosyncratic cowboy/horror world themselves, Evil West will be made available on most major gaming platforms at the time of its 2021 release.


In total, Evil West will be released for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4 next year, on a date that has yet to be specified. Like most new games with simultaneous releases on current and next gen consoles, Evil West may not come equipped with all of the next gen bells and whistles possible, but will nevertheless likely look and play best on the PS5, Series X or a powerful gaming PC.

There has been plenty of debate over whether the PS5 or the Xbox is more powerful, but it looks like you're in for one exciting time with Evil West, regardless of your platform of choice.