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Hidden Areas You Probably Missed In Bugsnax

Bugsnax got a lot of attention when it was first announced, mostly due to its zany concept, catchy theme song and a creeping sensation that there was more to the game than met the eye, some dark secret beneath that colorful wrapper. It wouldn't be the first time a psychological horror game had a joyful exterior.


It would be a bit spoilerific to spill all of the beans for you here (though parents needn't worry — Bugsnax is family-friendly throughout) but we can tell you that the game does have plenty of content lying off the beaten path, well before you get to its crazy ending. There are loads of hidden nuggets which you may well miss out on during a first playthrough.

If you're on the hunt for shortcuts, need to know the locations of some hard to find critters, or just want to ensure you're getting the most out of the PS5's weird foodie game, look no further.

Stony Grumpus Cave

Flavor Falls is the first area in Bugsnax, the location where your character arrives. As a result, it's a little tamer than some of the places you'll visit, but it still has plenty of curiosities to seek out, including a cryptic clue about the island's past.


Obscured behind some brown roots someway down the length of the area's river, you'll find a hidden cave. If you head through to the back of that cave, you'll run slap-bang into a rock that is clearly shaped like a Grumpus, the main inhabitants of the island. Given that Snaktooth Island's current Grumpus inhabitants are part of explorer Elizabert Megafig's expedition, it's not clear how this sculpture got here. Could it be evidence of some previous civilization on the island? Are you following in someone else's footsteps?

Whatever its origins, you'll need to whip out your SnaxScope and scan the statue as part of the sidequest "Triffany Makes History".

Boiling Bay Shortcut

It's a bit of a trek between Boiling Bay and Sizzlin' Sands, with three areas in between them, so I guess it's lucky there's a hidden shortcut between these biomes. In a lava-filled cave in Boiling Bay, four Cocomite statues can be found. Simply pressing these in the right order (from least teeth to most) will reveal a door that can instantly take you to the spicy critter filled desert of Sizzlin' Sands. This handy shortcut will cut a good bit of time out of your snax-catching commute.


A similar puzzle can be found In Sizzlin' Sands, as you can also approach this shortcut from the other side. Approaching from the desert area, you'll find four Incherrito statues instead. 

Just be careful not to step foot in the lava as you head through the shortcut! It won't kill you, but it turns out that Grumpuses (Grumpi?) are flammable.

Snorpy Conspiracy Board

In the town of Snaxburg, there are opportunities to explore all of the villagers' homes. However, as most of them contain little of interest, you may well not have bothered. One or two are worth looking into more closely however.


Of these, Snorpy's house is probably the best of the bunch. Inside you'll find a detective's corkboard, with lines of red string linking together the character's bonkers conspiracy theories. In addition to a couple of sneaky references to real world conspiracy theories much of the board (and Snorpy's constant ranting) is centered around a secret society called the Grumpinati

Paranoid ramblings, perhaps, but (spoilers!) a post-credits scene — which may or may not unlock depending on how the game's finale plays out — suggests Snorpy might actually be onto something after all. In fact, you and the island's inhabitants may have been under the influence of the Grumpinati the whole time! 

The Triplicate Space

This is a bit of a weird one. In Boiling Bay, after you find Floofty Fizzlebean, you can explore their broken boat a little more. There's not much in there beyond some old science equipment, but if you parkour through a hole at the back of the boat and over a wall made of hexagonal stone blocks, you'll be teleported back to the beach. An error message pops up on the screen, which reads, "The Triplicate Space is not yet available to you." And that is the only explanation you'll get.


But what is this "triplicate space"? A hastily patched-over glitch, or something more significant? It doesn't seem to be a real location in the game at the moment. Many fans have their fingers and toes crossed for some Bugsnax DLC  — a second helping, you might say — but it's unclear if a return to Snaktooth Island would even be possible, given how the game's story ends.