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PlayStation Executive's PS5 Arrangement Is Turning Heads

Gamers have seen the PlayStation 5 on its side. They've seen it standing up. Now get ready for ... upside down? A PlayStation executive shared a video this week of his cat enjoying the Bugsnax loading screen, but fans were more focused on the unusual orientation of his PS5.


As TheGamer reported, Head of PlayStation Studios Herman Hulst's original video on Twitter was removed. However, one quick-thinking fan was able to grab a screenshot before Hulst took the video down. In the image, fellow viewers could see the executive's PS5 resting upside down at the edge of the shot. The person sharing the screenshot wrote, "Big oof with that PS5 orientation."

Perhaps Hulst didn't want anyone to know his PS5 storage method, because he then removed the original clip, cropped the console out, and re-shared it. The new video showed only the cat standing on a shelf as they pawed at the Bugsnax creatures. Now, the only thing left to discuss is the cat's claws endangering the OLED television screen.


Hurst may have tried to get rid of the evidence, but Twitter is too fast, and users had already started cracking jokes about the PS5 being upside down in the replies. One person compared the console to a turtle on its back and shared a corresponding GIF. Meanwhile, some fans simply pointed out the fact that Hurst cropped the video, so he really couldn't get away with it.

At the time of this writing, Hurst has not explained his reasoning for placing the PS5 upside down. However, one commenter suggested that the console may have been positioned that way to prevent the cat from knocking it over. "The cat is clearly all over everything in that house, and it's probably the most stable position for the console," they wrote.

Sony finally revealed the look of the PS5 back in June, and it certainly had people talking. The console ditched the basic black square design of its predecessors and instead sported a white outer shell encasing a black center, with a curved shape that gave the PS5 an extra futuristic appearance. It was also much bigger than previous PlayStation consoles. One brand new aspect of the PS5 design was that it included an optional stand for the next-gen console to stand upright or lay flat, if one so chooses.


At the time of its reveal, the console's design was one of the PS5's most disappointing features, since many believed it was just ugly. The people of Twitter relentlessly mocked the design, with some comparing it to a WiFi router, an aircraft carrier, EVE from WALL-E, and more. Now that the PS5 has been on the market for a month, Twitter's jokes about its appearance have seemed to fizzle out — just don't think about trying to lay it upside down.