Open Roads - What We Know So Far

Open Roads is an upcoming adventure video game that was revealed during the 2020 Game Awards. Coming from indie studio Fullbright, the developers behind titles like Gone Home and the underrated Tacoma, this new release is looking like another story and character-driven title the studio is most known for. Starring famous actors and featuring a mysterious plot to unfold, Open Roads is shaping up to be a truly unique experience. 


When the trailer for Open Roads dropped at the Game Awards, it stood out for its absence of actual gameplay. Although the trailer didn't touch on any major mechanics, Fullbright promised players that the game will have a unique and engaging dialogue system that will help flesh out the game's characters and plot. Aside from these details, the announcement at the Game Awards mostly focused on the game's characters and stunning visuals. So if you're ready to head on a road trip like no other, here's everything you need to know about Open Roads.

When is the release date for Open Roads?

Open Roads currently doesn't have an exact release date, and the announcement trailer did not exactly offer up concrete information about when gamers can expect this title to be released. However, according to the game's Steam pageOpen Roads is gearing up for a very general 2021 release, with no information regarding exactly when in 2021 the game will drop. As 2021 progresses, it is more than likely that fans will be given more information about the game's development cycle, and eventually its exact release date.


Aside from the general 2021 release year, the trailer that we received during the Game Awards didn't really offer much in regards to how complete the game is. There wasn't a whole lot of gameplay shown, so it's really hard to nail down whether or not a 2021 release year will be possible. Despite this vagueness, fans of Fullbright's previous work will just have to trust that the developer knows what its doing.

Does Open Roads have a trailer?

In the announcement trailer for Open Roads, which was shown during the 2020 Game Awards, viewers are treated to a short minute and a half clip narrated by Kaitlyn Dever, the voice of the 16-year-old protagonist, Tess Devine. The trailer showed Tess and her mother, Opal, driving along a road as Tess discusses her family's strange history and she opens up a mysterious diary written by her grandmother, Helen.


The book contains a newspaper clipping detailing a jewelry store robbery. Behind this cutout is a key that was placed in a carved-out hole inside the book. Tess hints that she and her mother may have learned that the man that Tess called her grandfather might not even be her actual grandfather. Additionally, she intimates that her grandmother might have been involved with the aforementioned burglary, and there might be a lost fortune waiting for them to claim. 

Both Tess and Opal have decided to venture out on a road trip in order to unravel the mystery themselves.

Who is the cast of Open Roads?

Open Roads will star Kaitlyn Dever as 16-year-old Tess Devine, and Keri Russell as Opal, Tess' mother. As of right now, these two stars were the only ones announced for the game. But the further we enter Open Roads' release year, the more likely we will learn if any other major Hollywood actors will lend their voices to the game.


Kaitlyn Dever is known for her role as Amy Antsler in the coming of age comedy film Booksmart, but this isn't the first time she's taken on a video game character. Dever also previously played the role of Cassie Drake in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Open Roads, however, will be Keri Russell's video game debut. The Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe award-winning actress is most well-known for playing the title role in Felicity, as well as KGB agent Elizabeth Jennings in The Americans. Russell has also starred in major sci-fi films such as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

It will be interesting to see what these two accomplished and talented actresses will bring to the table once Open Roads drops next year.


Which platforms will Open Roads be available on?

Annapurna Interactive, the publisher behind Open Roads, has announced that the title will be made available for consoles and PC when the game releases in 2021. Additionally, the trailer has been shared on Xbox and PlayStation's official YouTube accounts, and a Steam product page for the game has also been published. 


Although gamers have entered the new generation of consoles, the game will be backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4. However, it's been unspecified if this rule will also apply to Xbox One owners who were unable to get their hands on an Xbox Series X console.

With such a unique art style, this game will undoubtedly look absolutely gorgeous on whatever console players choose to play the game on. In the past, Fulbright utilized sleek graphics and art style in Tacoma, which won Game Informer's "Best Graphics" award in 2017. Based on the most recent trailer, Open Roads looks like it may follow in its predecessor's eye-catching example on every platform.