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Xbox Just Set A Guinness World Record In Honor Of The Series X Launch

The new Xbox Series X boasts some seriously impressive capabilities. With 120 fps for 4K screens, 12 teraflops of processing power, and DirectX ray tracing, the newest console from Microsoft claims to give players a gaming experience like they've never had before. One lucky gamer was able to experience everything the new Xbox had to offer, in a way no one would have expected.


On Nov. 23, on the snowy slopes of Colorado, three projectors were set up for a total of 120 lumens of power to display Destiny 2: Beyond Light for Xbox X on the side of Copper Mountain. The area is a ski resort that boasts 2,490 acres of terrain, and the mountain itself has a summit elevation of 12,441 feet and base elevation of 9,712 feet. The projection covered an area of over 19,000 square feet, setting a Guinness World Record for Largest Projected Video Game Display.

Xbox posted a video of the amazing feat on its Twitter page, showing an unnamed snowboarder (sporting a green Xbox sweater) tearing across the slopes, along with a deck that proudly displays the Destiny 2: Beyond Light design. Amidst the epic shots of snowy hills and pine trees in a seemingly deserted winter wonderland, Xbox set up their gear and got to work. The result is fantastic, and even a 75 inch 4K TV has nothing on the 180.5 by 105.97 foot canvas that Mother Nature provided.


The snowy Colorado landscape was an appropriate setting to display Destiny 2: Beyond Light, a new expansion of the MMO shooter which is now available to upgrade on next-generation consoles. The expansion takes place on Europa, Jupiter's frozen moon, as the protagonist the Guardian continues to fight the oncoming Darkness.

Xbox is not the only one to hype up the newest console with big fanfare. Days before the worldwide release of the PS5, Sony had various displays set up around the globe, including installing impressiveĀ light displays at the Kamada Shrine in Tokyo and the changing theĀ signs of the London Underground to Playstation controller icons. So far, the PS5 has reportedly sold twice as many units as the Xbox X, but with the holidays just around the corner and PS5 consoles sold out across the board, fans may see Xbox's numbers begin to soar. At the very least, Xbox now has the bragging rights of earning a Guinness World Record in its favor.