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The Donkey Kong GameCube Game That Never Made It To The U.S.

The Nintendo GameCube is a beloved console among nostalgic gamers. It's library included smash hits like Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Mario Sunshine, as well as numerous other hidden gems.

Nintendo has been known for its star-studded roster of characters. Some of these characters have created lasting franchises for the company. One character, specifically, has been making rounds since the early 1980s. Donkey Kong, which was originally introduced in 1981, saw instant success. Donkey Kong also introduced Jumpman, who would later become the famous plumber Mario.


Donkey Kong was a massive hit, and Nintendo kept riding that wave of success to the bank. The character would then be given multiple game series — most notably Donkey Kong Country, which was immensely popular in the United States. The only other Donkey Kong series to have similar success was Donkey Konga. The game was successful enough to receive a sequel that was released in the United States, but Donkey Konga 3 didn't make it to the States.

What happened to Donkey Konga 3?

Notably, the Japanese and North American versions of Donkey Konga 2 differ in their track listing. The North American version features popular songs from the time, such as Trapt's "Headstrong" and Aaliyah's "Rock The Boat." The Japanese version utilizes a completely different track listing. It's unknown if a North American release for Donkey Konga 3 would have followed a similar trajectory, as the 2005 title was only released for the GameCube in Japan.


It is unclear as to why the video game did not make it overseas. It's worth noting that the Nintendo Wii would later be released in November 2006, so it is possible that Nintendo knew that the GameCube was already on the way out and didn't want to bother releasing the game in any region other than Japan. Lukewarm reviews from American critics for the Japanese version of Donkey Konga 3 probably didn't help matters.

Fans are left to wonder what songs would have been available on a North American release of Donkey Konga 3.