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The Upgrade Material You Can Collect On The Immortals Fenyx Rising Loading Screen

Immortals Fenyx Rising was a bit of a divisive game when it was first announced, with many gaming fans writing Ubisoft's action-adventure title as little more than a Breath of the Wild clone. However, the game's reception dramatically improved upon its release, with critics praising its combat system and art style. Now, players are working to find various secrets within the game, which has resulted in some interesting discoveries.


Adamantine Shards can be collected throughout Immortals Fenyx Rising, and they come in four different colors: yellow, blue, red, and purple. These shards can be used to purchase upgrades for Fenyx's weapons and armor, so they're a hot commodity. However, there is a secret way of farming extra Blue Adamantine Shards that may not be obvious at first glance. All you have to do is make sure to keep your eyes peeled during a specific loading screen, and you can snag a few extra Blue Shards for the road.

Use those loading screens

As it turns out, there are multiple ways to interact with the loading screens throughout Immortals Fenyx Rising. While next-gen consoles have aimed to mostly do away with cumbersome loading times, the developers still hid secrets for players to find while they wait a bit for the game to resume. Depending on the loading screen, gamers on Reddit have discovered that they can do fun things like pull open a castle door or spot butterflies in the corners of the screen if they look around a bit.


During some loading screens, players have discovered that they can snag some of the Adamantine Shards that fly toward Fenyx. The only drawback to this is that you have to act extremely fast, especially if you're playing the game on a next-gen console. Some players have reported that the load times on the PS5 version of Immortals are so brief that they couldn't snag a Shard before the interlude was over.

Still, a couple of free upgrade tokens is still a pretty good deal, even if you have to scramble to grab them.